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Sunday, December 24, 2006

36 hours later - we FINALLY got to America!

Iceland Airport Stinks. It's really tiny, and there's not much to do or see. And the staff - give you very vague instructions about where to go, when, etc - that coupled with no annoucements = fun times at the airport!

We picked up some food from the tiny cafe because our flight got delayed (again) until 9pm. We paid an exhorbitant amount for 2 sandwiches and 2 sodas, and wouldn't you know? Half an hour later they started giving away free sandwiches and a drink of your choice to anyone with a boarding card!

Now we're off to Mexico - wish us luck for no delays!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cold cold Iceland

Well the London fog got us after all!

We had a 4 hour delay until we finally got on the plane. Then we sat for THREE more hours waiting to taxi out to the runway. There were a few annoucements, that someone didn´t show up and they had to remove their bag, that air traffic control said we couldn´t taxi yet, etc. etc. And on top of that, even though we checked in plenty early we had seats in differnt rows:( After a few hours of sitting at the gate they served us our dinner because people were getting cranky, weird to eat on a plane when you are not even in the air!

Eventually we took off for Iceland (we flew Iceland Air which stops in Reykjavik on it´s way to Minneapolis). However because we had 7 hours of delays, once we landed in Iceland our flight to the states had already left.

So, we were put up in an Iceland Air hotel - and I must say I am VERY impressed! It´s 4 star - lovely lobby, great rooms! And the lunch buffet - oh my gosh - Fantastic!!! We had veggies, and fish and some more fish and then some great desserts. Fab!

Shame though that our flight tonight is already estimated to be 4-5 hours delayed, which means we have definitely missed our connecting flight on to Mexico. We have another one reserved for tomorrow (thanks to Dad!) but wow what a pain. I think Iceland Air is the lowest on the totem pole for flight order priority at Heathrow - because it seemed like TONS of flights took off as we just continued to be delayed!

We now have another 4 hours to kill at this hotel before heading back to the airport for another 3-4 hours of waiting - fun ha. But it´s a small airport and there´s only one flight to each destination a day - so we´ll take what we can get!

I think we will just end up hanging out in the hotel because neither of us dressed for the VERY cold Iceland weather -burrrr! I have NEVER experienced wind like there was last night. We saw a plane nearly crash (we think at least - he did have to abort!) as it was coming down to land because one of the wings suddenly swiped down towards the tarmac. And the bus we were on was rocking from the wind - kinda scary! Between that and the Christmas songs blasted on the bus - all sung in Icelandic - we were SO ready for some sleep when we got to the hotel at 1am!

But at least they have free internet!

Fingers crossed today goes a bit more smoothly and by this time tomorrow we will be in Mexico!!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

2006 Retrospective

I am going to copy Charlotte - I loved the idea of doing a 2006 Retrospective!

And now that I have this blog to help refresh my terrible memory- that helps a LOT. Although I didn't start blogging until April!

January - we completed our first ever African safari, then travelled to Sydney, Australia and celebrated our wedding for a second time with our Australian friends and family & my parents! It was a really great party!!!

February - I applied for British Citizenship - exciting!

March - Murray went on a skiing trip with my Dad and Brother to Colorado - fun! And God daughter Abby turned 2!

April - And we were informed by our landlord that he was getting a divorce and therefore wanted our flat back so that he could turn it into a bachelor pad:( And the awful awful flat search began!

May - I got my British Passport and officially became a 'Pom' and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary!

June - We moved flats, and enjoyed the gorgeous London summer with BBQ's in the park! We also went to Minnesota for a week which was wonderful!

July - Murray and I flew up to Edinburgh for our graduation ceremony for our MBA's! And we had the experience of a lifetime - seeing both the men's and women's finals at Wimbledon!
August - Just enjoyed the end of the London summer!

September - Spent every Saturday babysitting our gorgeous God Child Abigail - it was great to be able to bond with her:) And we went to Oktoberfest in Munich was was great great fun!!!

October - My parents stopped in London on their way back from Italy and we had a great weekend together, I dyed my hair brown, and we made many more great memories with Abby!

November - Our tv died (it was very sad!), I finally figured out how to use youtube (whooo hooo - lots more to come!), more great time spent with Abby and a FANTASTIC trip home for Thanksgiving!!!!!

December - Has been a great month. Today we're off to Minnesota, then tomorrow flying on to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to join my family for a week of sun.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas & a great New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should be back and blogging on the 2nd of Jan, that is unless I can find internet access in Mexico - fingers crossed!


Almost Friday????

Last night we went for a Christmas dinner with friends at our favourite Italian place Il MasCalzone. Gosh I love their pasta, pizza and service!!!

Before dinner I popped into the gym - also know as the Fulham Freezer. Oh my gosh - it was SO cold! After 20 minutes on the cross trainer with really cold air blowing on me, I went down to the desk and asked the girl if the air conditioning was on cause my toes were numb it was so cold! She promised to check on it, so I headed back up to continue to try to warm up.

This morning I was dismayed when the handle for the hot water on our shower came off in my hand. Looks like there's a screw that holds it in place and after many years of wear it just broke. So, no clean hair for me today - which is pretty annoying! Thank goodness there's a handman coming over the Christmas break - yet another thing to add to the list for him!

I'm a bit worried about our flight to Minnesota tomorrow. The fog here is SO thick it's unbelievable!!!
This is what they're saying on the Heathrow Airport website:

'The Met Office has today issued guidance that the dense and, in some places, freezing fog is set to continue over coming days. Passengers intending to fly in the next few days are strongly advised to check with their airlines on the status of their flight before departing for the airport. A total of 350 flights were cancelled yesterday and we are forecasting a similar number of cancellations today (21 December).'

Although I did hear on the news last night that it's mostly short haul and domestic flights that are being cancelled, so HOPEFULLY - fingers crossed - we should be ok. We will probably just be delayed a bit.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I admit it - I have been a bit addicted to mince pies this year. I just LOVE those things. The buttery pastry, the lovely fruit inside - and they're only about the size of your palm (usually) - just perfect for a Christmasy snack!

A friend of mine who knows of my obsession sent me this.....
(from Reuters)

Santa dons hardhat after mince pie attack

LONDON (Reuters) - Father Christmas was forced to swap his traditional red and white hat for protective headgear after children pelted him with mince pies in Scotland.

Santa was hit on the head by pastries thrown from a balcony as he handed out gold chocolate coins at a shopping center in the town of Paisley, near Glasgow, at the weekend.

"Health and safety is paramount," center manager Andrew MacKinnon said Wednesday. "We issued him with a yellow hardhat equipped with a pair of reindeer antlers to make it look more festive."

He said a gang of local "neds," or yobs, threw the pies before running off. Last year, the centre's Father Christmas was set upon by youths calling a him a "fraud and a fake."

Oh my gosh that is funny! Those naughty little boys! But then you have to admit - the thought of Santa wearing a hard hat to prevent a mince pie attack???? Hilarious!


It is officially cold now! Today is the first day of the winter season that I have worn a turtleneck sweater! And it is necessary! 2 Celsius this morning (about 32 f).

Not much new here. We finished watching Lost Season 2 last night. Left us on a cliff hanger as usual. It was an excellent season though. And the 'extras' dvd that came in the box set is FANTASTIC! Lots of 'making of' documentaries for each episode, deleted scenes, conspiracy theories, etc etc.

Can't wait to fly out - I'm ready for a break!

We fly out exactly 48 hours and 10 minutes from now - HOORAY!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ahhh you learn something new every day!Ever day I get emailed the Spanish Word of the Day, and TODAY I learned that....

'The state of Florida was given its name by the Spanish navigator Juan Ponce de León. He landed there on April 2, 1513 which was Easter Sunday, or Pascua Florida in Spanish (from the Spanish Pascua, meaning Easter, and florida, meaning flowery). To this day, April 2 is a legal holiday in Florida.'

SO, the word florido means in bloom. Nice!

I love my Spanish Word of the Day emails - because not only do they give you a word and it's definition, they also explain how it's used and give examples - it's GREAT!

This morning, I felt like superman.

Once I put my glasses on - no one can recognize me!!!!

Except for me, it was a hat. What is it with this hat? Apparently I don't look like ME when I wear it? This morning at the security gate coming into work, the security guy looked at me, looked at my badge, then asked me to take my hat off. I said 'Do I have to? I have bad hat hair now!' but he said yes. HOWEVER (sorry to yell, but it was annoying!) he STILL didn't think it was me (I blame the messy hat hair). So I had to get out a second id to prove that yes - I am me. The reason this kinda annoys me is this guy has scanned my badge every morning for 2 years - and still doesn't know me? Ah well, I'm here now - so all is ok!

We're nearly done catching up on Lost Season 2 - just episode to go (can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
We'll HAVE to watch that tonight! I think it's hilarious that the bad guy claimed he was from Minnesota - I knew right away he was lying - that was no Minnesotan accent!

25 hours of work left before we fly out to Minnesota, then on to Mexico - I can't wait!


HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY Auntie Joni & Uncle Kevin!!! Love you guys lots! :)

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Time!

As an adult, Christmas is really about family (i think). Seeing and spending time with family, gifts of course as well - but the present thing just isn't as exciting when you're older. However, there's just nothing like watching a child opening gifts - the excitement!

Abby and Eva came by on Saturday and of course we let her open ALL of her presents from us! After all - watching her excited little face is the best part:)

Abby - 2 years 9 months old

Ohhhh play dough!
Playing with her play dough hair kit

Does this look ok?

Yay more pressies!
And a big crayon!

Ahhh the Dora the Explorer robe - this is how you wear it right?
Or maybe like this?

Decorating ginger bread cookies

And of COURSE sock puppets (Eva LOVES that Murray taught Abby this - not!)

The princess gets ready to head out to her fancy dress party :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Mince Pied Out

Last night I made cookies!

Thumbnail cookies (filled with strawberry, raspberry, apricot and marmalade jam)

And the other half of the batch was coated in crushed walnuts

I just decided to bake just for the heck of it last night. It's been a VERY long week and I needed a night to just relax. It's funny that I've been baking so much lately, especially since I haven't baked for a few years really!

I saw this giant snow globe in the window of the local pharmacy on the way to the bus this morning and it made me smile. So cute! It even had little white bits blowing around like snow:)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Long login

Gosh it took me forever to login today.
Well let's see - what did I not blog about in the last 2 days?

Tuesday I got very very busy at work and ended up having to stay late to finish some things off. Thus I missed my last beginner Spanish class :( AND they had mince pies & mulled wine - such a bummer.

Last night I worked late as well, and on the way home stopped to pick up something to eat. The check out guy at the grocery store made my night when he carded me for buying a little bottle of wine. I looked at him and said 'Really'? (you have to be just 18 to drink here) - he said 'Yes, I'm so sorry, but I need to see a picture id.' I said 'Great, no problem, I'm nearly 10 years past the legal age, but you made my day!'

I guess I look young in my hat, I dunno.

Yesterday was the annual Christmas celebrations at work. The canteen had a 'Christmas lunch' of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, potatoes & veggies - quite nice actually. AND..... we had entertainment. Last year we had Anastasia, the year before Britney Spears, and this year - Christina Agulera. OH MY GOSH - it was hilarious. The impersonator had two backup dancers and she was dressed like Christina of a few years ago - long blonde and black hair, little tiny top, and chaps. We stayed for about half an hour - it was so entertaining - so so so funny, and actually she wasn't too bad a of singer.

I love Christmas time in the UK - there's just nothing better than a little mince pie and a cup of milky tea with sugar - yummmmmm!

I also watched the second half of a great programme on tv last night. It's called 'The Secret Millionaire.' They had a guy who's a millionaire live and work for a period of time in a village with people who don't have much money. After his experience there he got to decide who to give £30,000 to. He ended up splitting it up - £15,00 for a lovely couple who were struggling with their restaurant business, £10,000 to a woman who helps out a lot in her community but was having a really tough time financially, and £5000 for a really nice man who had a few kids and worked very hard but could never afford to treat them to a holiday or anything. It was really just SO SO touching and lovely.

Tonight I am looking forward to NOT working another 12 hour day (hooray!) and going straight home after work to relax! Bring on the weekend!!!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Busy busy bee

WOW you know it's a busy day when I forget to blog until 4pm!

I have been very busy with work, and still have a ton to finish tonight.

Will blog more tomorrow :)

(i think this may just be my most boring post ever!)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Felices cumpleaños a ti

Happy Birthday to my 'little' sister Mandie who turns 20 today!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other than that, nothing too exciting going on here.

A 'THANKS' shout out to my colleague Pete for the yummy American candy he picked up for me this weekend. Yummmm enjoying the Reese's stuff! AND a can of pumpkin pie mix - fun - will have to think about baking this weekend!

I drug myself to the gym last night even though I was feeling really tired and a bit crabby (it's this darn weather - BLACK when I leave to go home - so depressing)! I'm glad I went though, it was a good workout and cheered me up a bit. Although after the first round of the circuits, the instructor said loudly in front of everyone 'I saw you yawn at least 3 times.' He he, oops. I said 'Sorry, but I'm tired!'
Yes, and normally I would cover my gaping mouth with my hand, but when you have weights in each hand there's not much you can do!

Monday, December 11, 2006


It started to feel more like winter this weekend! Hats & gloves required!

Friday night we met up with Heather & Jason for a great Italian meal & we saw the movie 'Stranger than Fiction.' A very good movie, Will Farrell was excellent!

Saturday I ran around Putney mailing a few things, getting some last minute gifts for Abby (ohhh gotta love play dough!) and running errands. The queue (line) at the post office was CRAZY! Took me ages to get through the line!

Sunday Murray and I took a trip to Harrods. It actually was not as decorated up for Christmas as I expected. The 'Christmas World' section was nice though, lots of gorgeous decorated trees! I saw a tree skirt that I loved, but I think Harrods is just a bit over prices (it was nearly £200!!!!)

9 Days of work to go until we're off to Mexico for Christmas, looking forward to a break in the sun!

Hmmmmm not sure about this. I love Krispy Kremes and I love Mince Pies - but together? Ewwwwwww

Friday, December 08, 2006


So last night I was feeling crabby (I blame the weather) so I went straight home rather that dragging myself to the gym. I made Murray and myself a nice dinner of salmon with pesto and broccoli wrapped in puff pastry (which turned out yummy)! And I made these cookies which I haven't made in YEARS!!!

These are 'Missouri Cookies' a recipe which I got from auntie Joni. I love them because they have both chocolate & peanut butter in them, and they're no bake!

Here's the recipe in case you're interested:)

2 cups sugar
3 Tablespoons cocoa
½ cup milk
1 stick (1/2 cup) butter
In saucepan, bring to rolling boil and boil for one minute.
Remove from heat and add:
1 teaspoon vanilla
½ teaspoon salt
½ cup peanut butter
3 cups oatmeal
Stir all together. Drop into mounds onto waxed paper. Let cool. Eat!

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Can't think of a good title for my post today.

I'm tired, the weather is rainy and gloomy, and I'd rather be home in bed reading than sitting here with my spreadsheets. Oh well.

We went and saw the movie 'Borat' last night. It actually was pretty funny. I was worried it would involve a lot of America bashing, but actually I thought they did it in a way that wasn't offensive and just picked on a variety of over the top people. Although I do admit I felt REALLY bad for the couple who owned the little antique shop where he broke hundreds of dollars worth of goods, I really hope the production company paid for that, they looked SO upset! Shame.

The sky looks completely grey outside right now - yuck. Oh well I guess it could be worse, at least it's not that cold (still around 10c/50f).

Looking forward to Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hola Gordos!

Spanish class last night was fantastic. May have partly been because I brought along a starbucks chai latte (I nearly fell asleep on the train ride there - needed something)!!! Or maybe it was because there was only 6 of us there and the instructor was funny, easy to understand, and explained everything well (finally)!

One funny thing - she said that in South America people often greet their friends by saying Hola Gordo! which literally means Hello Fattie. She said it's a term of endearment though. Hmmmm I'll take her word for it (she's from Argentina) but I think instead I'll stick with Hola chico or Hola amigo!


Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I was VERY VERY upset at work yesterday when I went to get my salad from the fridge and discovered my RANCH DRESSING was missing! I reported it stolen, that stinks! I just don't understand why someone would take an open bottle of partially used salad dressing - so weird! I wonder if maybe someone just threw it away? But why - oh why would someone do that?

Oh well, at least I still have a bottle of Catalina dressing to hold me over until I can pick up more at Christmas.

Other than that, nothing new. Looking forward to my second to last beginner Spanish class esta noche!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Lovely Weekend - Feeling Christmasy now!

Had a very nice weekend.
Friday night we went out to our local Indian restaurant for a meal to celebrate our 7 years of meeting:)
It was a lovely meal, and great company. Murray wrote gave me a lovely card that made me cry. I'm so lucky to be with such a fantastic guy!!!!

Saturday we went in to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping. However when we got there it was CHAOS! We didn't realize that this was the weekend they shut down the entire street to traffic so people could shop til they dropped! Thousands and thousands of people were there. It was fun though, we got what we needed and saw some great street performers!

The Vodaphone Kombi they had playing some tunes for the shoppers

High tech!

We came down the street and saw these balloons down at street level, suddenly they went up with ladies attached!

There were 3 of them, and they did all sorts of acrobatic moves while music was playing
It was really stunning!

Saturday evening Lorraine came over.

Murray and Lorraine having fun with candy corn

And we went ice skating at Kew Gardens! It was really fun. The rink was quite small, and there were a bunch of guys who were out of control flying around the rink, but we had a nice time. By the way - well done Lorraine on mastering skating in just 1 hour! (it was her first time and she picked it up straight away)!

Me & Murray

Lorraine and I getting our skates on (what's with the ski boots? weird!)

Me, Murray & Lorraine

The Palm House at Kew Gardens - pretty!

Skate, skate, skate! (and I'm happy to report none of us fell - YAY)

And some pictures of our tree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the tree (sorry I couldn't figure out how to edit the TV out of the photo - opps!)

The tree lit up - it may be fake - but I must say I think it looks pretty darn good!

A little Christmas Koala - ahhhhhhhh

Friday, December 01, 2006

7 YEARS and 7 DAYS

Because I was out of town last week, as was Murray.

I think TONIGHT is the night to celebrate.....

that we met - 7 years and 7 days ago..... on November 24th 1999!


YAY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This day is shaping up to be great - I can feel it!

The bus was a few minutes early, which means I caught connections to the train and the next bus early and made it to work in record time!!!! (one hour 10 minutes door to door!)

Got emailed some pictures of Mike & Jen's baby Isabel yesterday and I must say she is GORGEOUS! A really really pretty baby!

And it's almost the weekend - YAY! Wow I can't believe it's already December - time really flies!

AND a girl at work brought in mince pies today (the Tesco ones with flakey puff pastry) yummmmmm - mince pies are my favourite part of UK Christmas time!!!!!

And in honour of the upcoming Christmas season...... one of my favourite XMAS movies!!!!

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