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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Almost the end of the week??? ALREADY?

We had a great night last night. We met up at Nandos for chicken (YUMMM) and then went and saw the new James Bond movie (MUCH better than I thought it would be)! On the way home a Fulham football game was just getting out so there were hundreds of people crowding Putney Bridge Station and Putney Bridge itself - bizarre! And I brought home my second suitcase, which I had stashed under my desk for the past 2 days because I was too lazy to drag it home (it DOES weigh 30 pounds!!!). Mostly full of books and candy (no, not all for me - ha ha)!

Today on the way to the tube my heel broke off, not happy about that. I need to find some super glue to temporarily fix them for the day.

But it's shaping up to be a lovely day - and hopefully my first night back to the gym!!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Thanksgiving / Christmas in Minnesota :)

Ok first of all, travelling into work today was a NIGHTMARE! A few of the tube lines were suspended so it took me THREE HOURS to get into work. fun fun
I got in late last Wednesday night. The flight was GREAT because I got 2 seats to myself, so I could sort of stretch out to sleep. I also saw some good movies that I hadn't seen before: The Lake House and My Super Ex Girlfriend (both were good).
Thursday morning we headed up to my aunt and uncle's house for the Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration (we decided to celebrate early this year) with my Dad's side of the family. Unfortunely my parent's digital camera died just as the first picture was about to be taken though!!! So if anyone has some pictures (Joni??? Jani??? Julie???) please email them to me!!!! The get together was GREAT fun - so so nice to see everyone!
Friday morning we went next door to my aunt and uncle's house for the Christmas celebration with my Mom's side of the family. We had a FANTATSIC brunch specially prepared by my auntie Joni. Then we opened presents.

Me with my sisters (from left): Megan, Me, Mariah & Mandie

Me opening Christmas pressies

Family portrait - the girls & my brother Marcus.

This picture is a bit dark -me with my cousin Jenny (isn't she gorgeous!)

Mariah cleaning up the TONS of used wrapping paper
cousin Johnny with his new tattoo

After brunch we went home for a nap and relaxation time (we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and A Christmas Story). Also we opened our family gifts (Mom, Dad, me, my sisters & brother).

At 4pm we went back next door for our annual family tradition - we made Swedish Potato Sausage.

Joni and I with our leinekugal honeyveiss beer

(don't know why I wore an apron since all I did was chop 2 onions!)

Mom's cousin Brian and brother Marcus grinding some potatoes & onions

Mariah and Marcus mixing the spice into the 30 pounds of meat!

Grandma Sis and her sister-in-law Shirley

The casings for the sausages (cow intestines - ewwwww)

Me & Mom (I'm wearing the necklace Grandma gave me for XMas - gorgeous!)

John and Dad trying to get the first casing on

Sausage links!

And the collection of nutcrackers!

Overall it was a great trip, lots of fun, great to see people and LOTS of great memories:)


Another BUSY BUSY Morning!

Today is going to be crazy busy at work, so I'm going to have to leave my big USA trip update until tomorrow (with pictures - I promise!!!)

But I just wanted to post quick and say
CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!! MIKE AND JEN!!!!
on the birth of you baby girl Isabel (or Isabelle).
SO SO Happy for you both

Monday, November 27, 2006


I am way too tired and jetlagged to even consider a long trip summary post today.
My plane got in at 5:30 this morning, and now I'm at work. Going to attempt to stay here until early afternoon, then it's off home to bed!

In summary: it was GREAT FUN!!!!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I'm off to America TODAY!!!!!!!!!!

My suitcase is packed!
It's under the weight limit (just barely)!!!
I have just my hand bag for a carry on, and managed to only bring 2 tiny bottle of lotion/cleanser for the plan (and the required zip lock baggie)!
And I'm planning on treating myself to a new book at the airport.
And I'm crossing my fingers that they are showing some good movies!!!

Work is MANIC today, trying to get everything in order before I have to go.

Five and a half hours from now I will be in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Long Day, Big Suitcase

I worked late last night, and came in early today. Lots to do before I fly out tomorrow.
Last night I got all of my Christmas gifts into my suitcase though, and THANK GOODNESS it's only 16 kilos! Therefore I do still have space for my clothing without going over the weigh limit - YAY!

Now - busy busy - must get back to work!

1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Nice Weekend!

Friday night I finally made it back to the gym, then went home and watched the Movie 'Mean Girls.' Wow, so funny, much much better then I thought it would be!

Saturday was crazy shopping lady day! I went to the post office and the bank in the morning, then caught a bus into central London for some last minute Christmas shopping. I was SO SO pleased with myself that I only had to go to two stores and got everything that I needed. AND I had 2 D-List celebrity spottings. I saw Natasha from the band Atomic Kitten on Park Lane, and then I saw Amy Lame ,an American comic, in M&S on Oxford Street.

I had a lovely bus ride back to Putney as well. Rather than read my book (I'm having trouble getting into it) I just looked out the window the whole way back. I had one of those ' I LOVE LONDON' days. So many gorgeous old buildings, stunning parks, great shops, ahhhhhhh.

Saturday evening I met up with Heather for a LOVELY dinner (Jambalaya yum!) and we went to see The Devil Wears Prada. I loved it! Clever and very entertaining movie:)

Sunday I got up early and went for a hair cut. I went to the same stylist as before, and we started off on a better note when he called me Monique (last time he called me Veronica the whole time). I explained what I wanted, showed him a picture too. Then he cut, and it wasn't as I asked, so asked him to do a bit more. He wasn't happy about it, so kinda rushed the second cutting, but I'm happy with the result. Geez I wish I could have someone blow dry my hair every day for me though!!! I can NEVER make it look that nice, thus way I slept carefully on it last night so I could make it last one more day!

Sunday afternoon I met Heather again for a fun trip to 'Bejewelled by Tiffany, 1837-1987 Exhibition. It was great!
WOW dark picture! On the left, my HUGE magnifying glass (for viewing the jewels) and the exhibition booklet (which was excellent)!

We did get in trouble for taking pictures (opps - but we weren't taking any of the jewels, just of us standing by the pictures on the walls). This little blurb I thought was funny.

The GIGANTIC Christmas tree in Covent Garden. JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 days until I leave for Minnesota.......


HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY Emma (my Mother and Father-in-law's puppy)



Friday, November 17, 2006

Bless her beautiful hide.....

That is the song that keeps going through my head over and over and over. Last night I went with Heather to see Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in the West End. We had some lovely sushi before the show, and then headed off to our AMAZING seats (6th row centre - whoo hooo)! The show was good (I admit, not great - I can see why it's closing tomorrow night). The songs were great, the female lead was fantastic, it was a fab musical with good old wholesome values - LOVED IT! Although we both agreed that we HATED the forehead microphones that the entire cast was wearing. It looked like they they had something white stuck on their foreheads or something - very very distracting!

the surprise is out (FINALLY THANK GOODNESS). I'm sorry to everyone that I lied to - but it was necessary to keep it a surprise! Murray is in AUSTRALIA!!!!! He landed yesterday and surprised his sister at work, and then they drove down to surprise their parents. I can't believe he was able to keep the secret so long - so fun! He is there to celebrate with his Mom and Dad as they both are celebrating milestone birthdays. Have a great time this weekend Peter, Lyn and Helen!!!!!!!!!!

This photo cracks me up!!!!! 5 days until I fly home........

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rainy Rainy Day

A few more gratuitous Abby pictures...........

Abby with the balloon we found on the street in Wimbledon (she INSISTED we took it home)


Mo the horsey

What a little model


Abby with the stickers from her magazine that she then stuck in this ad- ha ha!

6 Days..... (and how funny is this turkey! ha ha)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


CONGRATS to my wonderful sister-in-law Helen on today becoming an official Australian citizen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mi perro is bonito.

My dog is pretty.

Ok, so I don't remember much from last night's 6th Spanish class. But IN the class I thought it went quite well! I was starting to understand the verbs (even irregular ones!) and when she singled me out and asked me questions in Spanish I didn't freak out (at least not TOO much). Like I said last week, I STILL need to set aside some time to memorize. I understand the concepts and I'm working on my pronunciation, it's just that there are a LOT of words I need to commit to memory...... putting that on my TO DO list. I COULD say that I'd bring it on the plane and work on it then, but I just can't see that happening... maybe?

Busy busy day ahead of me - and then QUIZ night for work tonight! Wish me luck - I hope they have some USA questions where I can (hopefully) be of help!

7 DAYS.....

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

What's your Elf Name????

Your Elf Name Is...
Holly Mc Flurry

Is it only Tuesday - Really?

Last night Murray and I went to the doctor. I thought I might be coming down with what he had. However the doctor assured me that my tonsils are a little swollen, but I do not have anything that would require antibiotics. Just need to keep taking vitamins, get to bed early and take it easy. Murray is looking better as well which is good!

I see Michael Jackson arrived here in London yesterday. He is performing tomorrow night at the World Music Awards - which is being held JUST down the road from where we live! I would love to go actually, but I just don't think the performance is worth £60. I guess this is the first time he has performed in the UK in 9 years - and is singing Thriller - ohhhhhh I bet it will be good! He may be a surgery obsessed goof, but he is a legend and it would be fun to see him on stage just once!

Also, I read in the paper this morning that 31.1 percent of London's population was born overseas - WOW! Apparently there are 58,000 Americans living here - up 22,000 from 1997. Where are they all living??? I sure had no idea there were that many! We are the 8th biggest population of people not born in this country, but living in London. Ahead of us is (in order from 1-7) Bangladesh, India, Russia, Poland, Ghana, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. I LOVE that this city is so diverse! Just AMAZING to think!

AND can I just say I'm amazed that there are more Americans in London than Australians (49,000) - I am REALLY surprised by that figure!

AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO my Mother-in-law!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sending you HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wishes from London to Australia :)

8 days and counting.....

Monday, November 13, 2006

And just because.....

Murray sent me this picture on Friday - I thought it was quite a nice picture of us. Not sure where or when it was taken - but I like it:)

Happy Year and a Half Wedding Anniversay a week from tomorrow Murray :)

And.... the count down is on..... 9 days until I fly home for Thanksgiving!

Monday Again

Another nice weekend. Saturday Abby came over and we took a morning trip down to Wimbledon so I could exchange some shoes (needed a different size). When I asked her in the morning whether she would like to go on the bus or the train she said 'No train, no bus.' So I spent the next 20 minutes talking up how 'FUN' the bus is and by the time we got to the bus stop she was excited about 'Abigail's big red bus.' (This weekend was the first time I have heard her say her whole name - Abigail - rather than Abby - SO SO cute! When we got to Wimbledon she was a little angel, held my hand the whole way as we walked to the the newsagent. I let her pick out a kiddie magazine and she chose the one that came with crayons and glitter paint. Then we went to starbucks so I could indulge my chai latte addiction, and I got her a baby chino (steamed milk in a tiny espresso cup). She would sip a little off the top and then smile at me and say 'more choc please' - how could I say no? So I got up numerous times to sprinkle a little more chocolate on top for her.

She loved the magazine, but we decided to keep the glitter paints until we got home (thank goodness cause WOW was that messy)! Then we went and got the shoes in my size (YAY) and headed home to play with Mooreeeey. It was a really lovely afternoon and I enjoyed every minute with her. It makes me kinda sad that that was the last Saturday that we will have her to ourselves (for awhile at least). But, we'll still see her, and I'm glad over the past weeks that she has had a chance to bond a bit with me and with Moooooreeeeeey.

Saturday night we still didn't have a tv, so we went out shopping for one. Apparently they don't sell normal ginormous televisions anymore, only flat screens and WOW are those expensive! So we went out to dinner tv-less and bought a dvd on the way home to watch on the laptop. I think we were both feeling a bit ill because we were asleep by 8pm. But I guess that's a good thing - when you're sick your body just tells you - GIVE ME 12 HOURS OF SLEEP PLEASE! And it felt good! (Actually for Murray I think it was closer to 15 hours).

Sunday I left at noon to go into Covent Garden to Cafe Pacifico, a Mexican restaurant. I had yummy enchiladas and real tortilla chips and salsa - YUMMM! It was great to catch up with some American friends (I think maybe when I booked he put us in a separate are on purpose as the volume with 8 Americans was quite high). Ha ha, not really, but it was great. Nice to chat and catch up with everyone! Afterwards we went to Cyber Candy, which was just down the road (they sell really overpriced American candy and soda there - and some Australian stuff too!). I got a can of Fresca ( I just HAD to get it - reminded me of MN - it's a soda sort of like Sprite but BETTER) and a bag of Reeces Pieces (which I'm eating right now - I can't help myself!), a box of junior mints, 2 mini peppermint patties, a Cherry Ripe (Australian Taffy like bar Murray likes), and a can of dark cherry diet coke for Murray as well.

When I got home Murray told me to quick put my jacket on because he had sorted out a tv! YAY! It's used - but it works - that's all that matters! YAY YAY YAY!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the Sopranos was awesome!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ohhhh check me out!

Since we have no tv I decided to figure out how to upload videos to youtube this morning - CHECK IT OUT! Some random videos for you

Lorraine on the drums! (filmed in 2005)

Even the Germans know this song! Oktoberfest 2006!

Dune 45, Namibia, January 2006

A video of me scuba diving in Maui, Hawaii on our honeymoon - May 2005 (I'm hold a sea cumcumber - ewwwwww)

Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa - Jan 2006 - GORGEOUS!

I Heart Gwen Stefani

Seriously, who but Gwen could mix 'The Lonely Goatherd' from the Sound of Music (which I want to see in the West End by the way)with a cool new dance song.

Gwen Stefani: Wind It Up

Ohhhhhh how cool is Gwen?

Friday, November 10, 2006


Please say a little prayer - our tv died yesterday. It's been acting funny all week, turning on and off on it's own, making funny noises and sometimes only showing a picture on 3/4 of the screen. Now all it does when you press the on button is buzz, sounds a bit like a mouse. So I said to Murray - now what do we do? He's sick - so doesn't want to talk or play a game, I already read for a few hours on public transport so didn't want to do that. We ended up watching The Producers dvd on his laptop (which is excellent by the way - Matthew Broderick rocks)!

But oh my gosh - we need to get it fixed or replaced or WHATEVER ASAP. I'm becoming hysterical here! On the way to the bus this morning I stuck my face up against the window of local appliance repair/sales/rental shop. We need to find out TODAY what the cheapest option is - fix it, replace it or rent a new tv. But I tell you one thing - we MUST have a television by Sunday darn it - we cannot miss the TV show the Sopranos!!!! It's a series - and the LAST one ever - and if you miss one episode then it's all ruined. Oh no, oh no, oh no, woe is me.

Oh, and I'm not a TV addict - really - I promise:)

Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE in MINNESOTA (tomorrow)! Hope you have a great B-Day weekend:)

Thursday, November 09, 2006

TIRED! again

Ahhh public transport - sometimes I love you for you convenience - sometimes I want to scream and run to the nearest black cab.

Last night when I got on the tube I groaned in my head when I saw all the people wearing blue jerseys - oh no - Chelsea football game tonight. When there is a game on that means Earl's Court platform is almost crowded to capacity - hudreds of people!!!! I was told a tip last week about how to get on the tube when it's that crowded. I was told your best bet is to position yourself to the side of where the door opens, rather than in the centre. This is because once the doors open and people start pushing, if you're in the centre you often get pushed backward as the people on the sides surge forward (which I call tell you by experience IS true)! So last night I positioned myself to the side, and when the doors opened I was one of the first people in. I looked over and saw a pot of gold - AN OPEN SEAT - I looked around and asked 'is anyone going to sit there?' they all stared at me blankly, so I ran over and sat down. Wow, that is INCREDIBLE luck I tell you! (It was so crowded that when the train stopped between stations for a few minutes I heard a woman yell 'please open the window' - yuck)!

Had a lovely evening at Heather's place: yummy food, good books to exchange and GREAT chat & gossip!

This morning I was about ready to scream on the bus. Or, in a more English manner - I just put my head down in my book and continued reading because there was nothing I could do. I ran to the store this morning to top Murray up with pain killers, bottles of water, soup and ice cream so he didn't have to leave the house (still quite sick)! Then I went down and waited for the bus. Once I finally got on we didn't go more than a mile before getting stuck in the worst traffic I had EVER seen on that road. After half an hour the bus driver annouced that due to the traffic this bus would be terminating at the half way point. NO GOOD for me because that is the only bus that goes all the way to Hammersmith where I needed to catch the tube. So I just got off there, and walked back TOWARDS my house and got another bus on another route back to Hammersmith. All in all I was an hour and a half late for work - great - fantastic.

Oh well, thank goodness tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Last night was Spanish class number 5 - the half way point. Actually, I quite enjoyed it too! I think it's finally starting to click for me.

Murray was ill last night, and I was up late baking, so between running him cold water, lemsip (medicinal tea), ibuprofen, taking temps, baking pumpkin rolls, and steaming spinach I didn't end up getting to bed until past midnight.

Which left me today feeling SO DARN TIRED today!

Oh well.

Thank goodness it is midweek!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ohhhhhhhhhhh Chaiiiiiiiiiiiii

Last night Murray brought home the Vanilla Chai Latte drink sachets that my aunt Joni sent awhile ago. I enjoyed a lovely cup of it this morning which put me in a GREAT mood!

It's definitely winter - dark when I leave work and SO cold in the mornings! I must try and make an effort this Saturday and actually leave the house with Abby. Last Saturday we stayed indoors for 8 hours because after my brief jaunt outside to collect her I decided it was TOO cold for a little person. This coming Saturday is my last Saturday of babysitting as the Saturday dance classes Eva teaches are coming to an end. It has really been fun though, so many good memories. She is such a polite little thing too! She says Please and Thank You and when I said Thank You to her she also says You're Welcome. And when anyone leaves the flat she yells 'See Ya Later.' I think maybe we'll have to go to her favourite place in the world this weekend, the toy shop. It's great actually, the store has a ton of toys out for kids to play with - so we spend an hour or 2 there just testing things out which she LOVES!

Tonight is my beginner Spanish class again.I did my homework last night, but what I REALLY need to do is take a full day and go to the library and memorize terms. Will have to schedule in some time for that.

Other than that, I'm just stressing a bit about going home two weeks from tomorrow. We are celebrating Christmas while I'm home as well, so I need to get out and finish my shopping! Just stressful to have 6 less weeks until the holiday celebrations - but so worth it - can't wait!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Again?

We had a very nice weekend.

Friday night we went out to dinner and the plan was to catch the late fireworks at Bishops Park in Fulham. So after dinner we walked across the bridge and came upon closed park gates and half a dozen policemen. Apparently they no longer hold late fireworks, only the family show at 7 then they close the park. I was SO SO disappointed! In my 5 years here I had yet to attend a fireworks display for Guy Fawkes Night (also known as bonfire night).

Here's an explanation for this 'holiday' that I found online:

Bonfire Night is also known as Fireworks Night or Guy Fawkes Night. It's a British tradition dating back to the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 which aimed to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I.


The conspirators were Roman Catholics who wanted to restore civic rights to members of their religion. The plot was set for the State Opening of Parliament since all the members of the House of Commons and Lords, as well as the King, would be present. Gunpowder was hidden in a vault beneath the House of Lords.

The plot was foiled when an anonymous letter was sent to Lord Monteagle, a Catholic, warning him not to attend the opening. The letter raised suspicions and a search party was dispatched. Guy Fawkes was caught as he prepared to light the fuse on 5 November. He was promptly arrested and tortured until he named his fellow plotters.

Then and Now

To this day, it is customary for the cellars in the Houses of Parliament to be searched by the Yeoman of the Guard before each State Opening of Parliament. The anniversary of Fawkes' arrest is celebrated each year by with fireworks and bonfires on which effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned.

SO in conclusion- I'm still not sure why we celebrate that a guy almost blew up parliament, but didn't. But it's a fun weekend! There were TONS of fireworks displays for practically the whole week!

Saturday I watched Abby all morning then met my friend Sue for dinner.

Then we JUST managed to make it to Battersea in time for the fireworks with 2 other friends. It was a great show - and only £5 - and I'm glad I can now say I HAVE seen Guy Fawkes fireworks:)

Sunday was a day to relax. I made pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting and ohhhhhh were they yummy! Only bad thing was I couldn't find canned pumpkin (it's VERY hard to come by in this city) so I had to make it from scratch. Probably a good thing though cause they turned out SO nice!

I also caught up with Eva for a coffee and we stopped to pick up Abby a cool new scooter which she loved (once she figured out how it worked)!

(this was just the test one they had in set up in the store - the one she got is pink!)

Friday, November 03, 2006


YAY it's Friday!!!!

Last night I dug out winter stuff out of storage - Jackets, Scarves, Hats, Gloves. Good timing too. It was SO cold at the bus stop this morning! First day of the year I could see my breath!

Nothing exciting to report really, it's been a long week, I'm tired and REALLY looking forward to the weekend. I have Abby tomorrow, then meeting a friend for dinner, and going to try to get some shopping done.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

5 Years Today!

TODAY I have been in England 5 Years! I arrived at Heathrow on November 2nd 2001. I just can't believe it has been that long - time really does fly!!!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's Noveeeeeeeeeeeeeeember!

Ok, so I know we still have a few weeks until Turkey day but - I CAN'T wait!!!!!!!!!!!! This will be the first year since I moved overseas that I have celebrated Thanksgiving at home in Minnesota with my family. I fly out 3 weeks from today for just a short couple day visit - can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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