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Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Again

Another nice weekend. Saturday Abby came over and we took a morning trip down to Wimbledon so I could exchange some shoes (needed a different size). When I asked her in the morning whether she would like to go on the bus or the train she said 'No train, no bus.' So I spent the next 20 minutes talking up how 'FUN' the bus is and by the time we got to the bus stop she was excited about 'Abigail's big red bus.' (This weekend was the first time I have heard her say her whole name - Abigail - rather than Abby - SO SO cute! When we got to Wimbledon she was a little angel, held my hand the whole way as we walked to the the newsagent. I let her pick out a kiddie magazine and she chose the one that came with crayons and glitter paint. Then we went to starbucks so I could indulge my chai latte addiction, and I got her a baby chino (steamed milk in a tiny espresso cup). She would sip a little off the top and then smile at me and say 'more choc please' - how could I say no? So I got up numerous times to sprinkle a little more chocolate on top for her.

She loved the magazine, but we decided to keep the glitter paints until we got home (thank goodness cause WOW was that messy)! Then we went and got the shoes in my size (YAY) and headed home to play with Mooreeeey. It was a really lovely afternoon and I enjoyed every minute with her. It makes me kinda sad that that was the last Saturday that we will have her to ourselves (for awhile at least). But, we'll still see her, and I'm glad over the past weeks that she has had a chance to bond a bit with me and with Moooooreeeeeey.

Saturday night we still didn't have a tv, so we went out shopping for one. Apparently they don't sell normal ginormous televisions anymore, only flat screens and WOW are those expensive! So we went out to dinner tv-less and bought a dvd on the way home to watch on the laptop. I think we were both feeling a bit ill because we were asleep by 8pm. But I guess that's a good thing - when you're sick your body just tells you - GIVE ME 12 HOURS OF SLEEP PLEASE! And it felt good! (Actually for Murray I think it was closer to 15 hours).

Sunday I left at noon to go into Covent Garden to Cafe Pacifico, a Mexican restaurant. I had yummy enchiladas and real tortilla chips and salsa - YUMMM! It was great to catch up with some American friends (I think maybe when I booked he put us in a separate are on purpose as the volume with 8 Americans was quite high). Ha ha, not really, but it was great. Nice to chat and catch up with everyone! Afterwards we went to Cyber Candy, which was just down the road (they sell really overpriced American candy and soda there - and some Australian stuff too!). I got a can of Fresca ( I just HAD to get it - reminded me of MN - it's a soda sort of like Sprite but BETTER) and a bag of Reeces Pieces (which I'm eating right now - I can't help myself!), a box of junior mints, 2 mini peppermint patties, a Cherry Ripe (Australian Taffy like bar Murray likes), and a can of dark cherry diet coke for Murray as well.

When I got home Murray told me to quick put my jacket on because he had sorted out a tv! YAY! It's used - but it works - that's all that matters! YAY YAY YAY!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and the Sopranos was awesome!


At 12:29 PM, Blogger andrea said...

Yay! I am so happy you have a tv - as much as I don't watch it I always want the option!

Yesterday was fun, and I think we kept the volume down nicely :)

At 10:18 AM, Blogger j+h in cologne said...

oh YAY! I'm so glad you guys got sorted on a TV!


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