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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mi perro is bonito.

My dog is pretty.

Ok, so I don't remember much from last night's 6th Spanish class. But IN the class I thought it went quite well! I was starting to understand the verbs (even irregular ones!) and when she singled me out and asked me questions in Spanish I didn't freak out (at least not TOO much). Like I said last week, I STILL need to set aside some time to memorize. I understand the concepts and I'm working on my pronunciation, it's just that there are a LOT of words I need to commit to memory...... putting that on my TO DO list. I COULD say that I'd bring it on the plane and work on it then, but I just can't see that happening... maybe?

Busy busy day ahead of me - and then QUIZ night for work tonight! Wish me luck - I hope they have some USA questions where I can (hopefully) be of help!

7 DAYS.....


At 12:20 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

You will have another chance to practice your Spanish in Mexico this December.

Loved the "turkey" count down. Very cute. See you soon. Love, Mom


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