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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Final London Weekend

September 28th 2007 - the last day of workMurray and I went out to toast being unemployed with a bottle of champagne we had been saving for AGES!

We went to our FAVOURITE place in Putney - Il Mascalzone. We had the meal we ALWAYS have cause it is so so so good! Carbonara pasta and Fantasia Pizza (with pepperoni, mushrooms & artichokes - with the home made chili sauce to top it off - yummmm!).

Murray & I with that 'we don't have jobs' glow :)

September 29th 2007 - The Night out with Friends & Family to say Goodbye

Me & Niece Lorraine - gosh I'll miss her! She's fun and sweet and such a good friend!
Me with my first good girlfriend in London - Heather!

Me & Sue - we used to work together - but stayed in touch & had lots of fun shopping days out in central London!
My favourite girls - Lorraine & Heather

Me with our flat mate & friend Kirsty

Muray with some of his work buddies - from left Dave, Paul & Tom

Murray's work friend Aneta on the left & her sister

Lisa & Richard

Murray went a bit overboard on the photos..... I THINK some people got annoyed..... (lol)

Our good American friends Brad & Jeanne

Murray surprising the guys with his scary chipmunk face

Lorraine, Heather & Me - on the dance floor!

Shake it shake it shake it!

The bad thing about this photo is you can't see my gorgeous leopard print shoes :(

Shots for the boys

Sue & Me

Lorraine - I hate her & her gorgeous spotless skin :)

Jason uses his Carolina charm, her face shows the level of success

Me & Jeanne

Murray, Heather & Jason - SOMEONE must have said something funny?

Sad faces - I will miss Lorraine & She WILL miss me ( I demand it) just kidding :)

Niece & Uncle - also friends

Heather & Jason performed their classic dance floor routine for us!

They even demonstrated their highly skilled precision dancing.... do not attempt this at home! Only for professionals!

SUCH a fantastic night! It was great to see our friends & family and go out in style! We had a brilliant time:)

Sunday September 30th - Saying Goodbye to Abby & Eva

We gave Abby a little fairy princess outfit - she liked the crown :)

Working on the bubbles! She spilled almost all of the bubble liquid - but still had a great time

Oh look I found Mama's sunglasses in her bag!

Me, Abby & Eva - working on sock monkeys at the pub!

Abby loved the stuffing - until she got excited and put her whole face in the pile - with her mouth open - and got it stuck all over her tongue!

Oh gosh, it was so hard to say goodbye to Abby & Eva. Eva is such a good friend, and we love Abby to bits! But I know we'll see them again - for sure - and hopefully not to far from now!

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At 4:01 PM, Blogger Heather said...

Oh my God, I am CRYING at those pictures of Jason and I dancing. You must must must send me those :)

And I laughed out loud at the bit about Abby getting excited and burying her face in the stuffing with her mouth open - too CUTE!

We miss you guys and I know everyone else does too. We'll check often for updates on your travels!!!


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Suze - Manchester UK said...

So sorry I couldn't make the send-off - gutted I was away!!
Get going on the trip - I want to read the travel blog! :)
Miss you loads already - see you in Sydney one day!

Suze xxx

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Evadiva said...

Looks like you had an amazing send off, wish I'd been able to come.

Abigail loves her soak monkey. Took it to Nursery and left it there, I asked one the teachers if she'd seen it, her reply: Is that what it was? It really freaked me out!!!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Am going to post some Soak Monkey pictures on the blog... check them out... Hope you have fun hun.. miss you loads. the New house is great.......xx


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