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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hard to blog while petting the dog

Minnie (our family dog) will not leave me alone while I'm trying to type here! She is pretty lonely since my sisters Mandie and Mariah moved out. I like spoiling her with attention though - while we're here at least:) We had a MASSIVE shopping day yesterday at a great camping store called REI. We bought tons of clothing (hiking trousers, socks, tops, etc) sleeping sacks (so no matter where we are sleeping we can be in out own clean silk sheets - AND they have pouches for our pillows which is SO nice), and of course a head lamp (we had to buy one IN Africa cause we found out they were so so necessary - so now we have 2)! It was an expensive day, but SO much cheaper than if we had bought everything in London! I'm so glad we waited. Today Murray is at the office with my Dad and brother, while us girl's have a spa day (yay facial & haircut)!!

Now, back to preparing for my phone interview tomorrow (for a magazine specializing in the planning software I used on my last project). Ahhh I am nervous - can't wait to get it OVER with! Then I will officially be unemployed with NO work left to do:)


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