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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ahhh you learn something new every day!Ever day I get emailed the Spanish Word of the Day, and TODAY I learned that....

'The state of Florida was given its name by the Spanish navigator Juan Ponce de León. He landed there on April 2, 1513 which was Easter Sunday, or Pascua Florida in Spanish (from the Spanish Pascua, meaning Easter, and florida, meaning flowery). To this day, April 2 is a legal holiday in Florida.'

SO, the word florido means in bloom. Nice!

I love my Spanish Word of the Day emails - because not only do they give you a word and it's definition, they also explain how it's used and give examples - it's GREAT!

This morning, I felt like superman.

Once I put my glasses on - no one can recognize me!!!!

Except for me, it was a hat. What is it with this hat? Apparently I don't look like ME when I wear it? This morning at the security gate coming into work, the security guy looked at me, looked at my badge, then asked me to take my hat off. I said 'Do I have to? I have bad hat hair now!' but he said yes. HOWEVER (sorry to yell, but it was annoying!) he STILL didn't think it was me (I blame the messy hat hair). So I had to get out a second id to prove that yes - I am me. The reason this kinda annoys me is this guy has scanned my badge every morning for 2 years - and still doesn't know me? Ah well, I'm here now - so all is ok!

We're nearly done catching up on Lost Season 2 - just episode to go (can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
We'll HAVE to watch that tonight! I think it's hilarious that the bad guy claimed he was from Minnesota - I knew right away he was lying - that was no Minnesotan accent!

25 hours of work left before we fly out to Minnesota, then on to Mexico - I can't wait!


HAPPY 25th ANNIVERSARY Auntie Joni & Uncle Kevin!!! Love you guys lots! :)


At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was in London last weekend, I ran into the same problem wearing a hat - I had been inside a bar, I left and wanted to re-enter. He told me to take it off and I refused because my friends were coming out anyway and he should have remembered me. Turns out it's part of the anti-terrorism act or something that they must have a full-frontal of everyone entering workplaces-public areas. Maybe it was that?


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