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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Cold cold Iceland

Well the London fog got us after all!

We had a 4 hour delay until we finally got on the plane. Then we sat for THREE more hours waiting to taxi out to the runway. There were a few annoucements, that someone didn´t show up and they had to remove their bag, that air traffic control said we couldn´t taxi yet, etc. etc. And on top of that, even though we checked in plenty early we had seats in differnt rows:( After a few hours of sitting at the gate they served us our dinner because people were getting cranky, weird to eat on a plane when you are not even in the air!

Eventually we took off for Iceland (we flew Iceland Air which stops in Reykjavik on it´s way to Minneapolis). However because we had 7 hours of delays, once we landed in Iceland our flight to the states had already left.

So, we were put up in an Iceland Air hotel - and I must say I am VERY impressed! It´s 4 star - lovely lobby, great rooms! And the lunch buffet - oh my gosh - Fantastic!!! We had veggies, and fish and some more fish and then some great desserts. Fab!

Shame though that our flight tonight is already estimated to be 4-5 hours delayed, which means we have definitely missed our connecting flight on to Mexico. We have another one reserved for tomorrow (thanks to Dad!) but wow what a pain. I think Iceland Air is the lowest on the totem pole for flight order priority at Heathrow - because it seemed like TONS of flights took off as we just continued to be delayed!

We now have another 4 hours to kill at this hotel before heading back to the airport for another 3-4 hours of waiting - fun ha. But it´s a small airport and there´s only one flight to each destination a day - so we´ll take what we can get!

I think we will just end up hanging out in the hotel because neither of us dressed for the VERY cold Iceland weather -burrrr! I have NEVER experienced wind like there was last night. We saw a plane nearly crash (we think at least - he did have to abort!) as it was coming down to land because one of the wings suddenly swiped down towards the tarmac. And the bus we were on was rocking from the wind - kinda scary! Between that and the Christmas songs blasted on the bus - all sung in Icelandic - we were SO ready for some sleep when we got to the hotel at 1am!

But at least they have free internet!

Fingers crossed today goes a bit more smoothly and by this time tomorrow we will be in Mexico!!!!


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, sounds like the transfers from hell! Hopefully you'll have a relaxing time in Mexico to make up for it all.


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