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Thursday, December 21, 2006

2006 Retrospective

I am going to copy Charlotte - I loved the idea of doing a 2006 Retrospective!

And now that I have this blog to help refresh my terrible memory- that helps a LOT. Although I didn't start blogging until April!

January - we completed our first ever African safari, then travelled to Sydney, Australia and celebrated our wedding for a second time with our Australian friends and family & my parents! It was a really great party!!!

February - I applied for British Citizenship - exciting!

March - Murray went on a skiing trip with my Dad and Brother to Colorado - fun! And God daughter Abby turned 2!

April - And we were informed by our landlord that he was getting a divorce and therefore wanted our flat back so that he could turn it into a bachelor pad:( And the awful awful flat search began!

May - I got my British Passport and officially became a 'Pom' and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary!

June - We moved flats, and enjoyed the gorgeous London summer with BBQ's in the park! We also went to Minnesota for a week which was wonderful!

July - Murray and I flew up to Edinburgh for our graduation ceremony for our MBA's! And we had the experience of a lifetime - seeing both the men's and women's finals at Wimbledon!
August - Just enjoyed the end of the London summer!

September - Spent every Saturday babysitting our gorgeous God Child Abigail - it was great to be able to bond with her:) And we went to Oktoberfest in Munich was was great great fun!!!

October - My parents stopped in London on their way back from Italy and we had a great weekend together, I dyed my hair brown, and we made many more great memories with Abby!

November - Our tv died (it was very sad!), I finally figured out how to use youtube (whooo hooo - lots more to come!), more great time spent with Abby and a FANTASTIC trip home for Thanksgiving!!!!!

December - Has been a great month. Today we're off to Minnesota, then tomorrow flying on to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to join my family for a week of sun.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas & a great New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should be back and blogging on the 2nd of Jan, that is unless I can find internet access in Mexico - fingers crossed!



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