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Monday, December 11, 2006


It started to feel more like winter this weekend! Hats & gloves required!

Friday night we met up with Heather & Jason for a great Italian meal & we saw the movie 'Stranger than Fiction.' A very good movie, Will Farrell was excellent!

Saturday I ran around Putney mailing a few things, getting some last minute gifts for Abby (ohhh gotta love play dough!) and running errands. The queue (line) at the post office was CRAZY! Took me ages to get through the line!

Sunday Murray and I took a trip to Harrods. It actually was not as decorated up for Christmas as I expected. The 'Christmas World' section was nice though, lots of gorgeous decorated trees! I saw a tree skirt that I loved, but I think Harrods is just a bit over prices (it was nearly £200!!!!)

9 Days of work to go until we're off to Mexico for Christmas, looking forward to a break in the sun!

Hmmmmm not sure about this. I love Krispy Kremes and I love Mince Pies - but together? Ewwwwwww


At 7:26 AM, Blogger Heart Of Darkness said...

It's been raining for more then a month, straight, and the constant humidity is slowly getting to me. Not only have the roads turned into above-ground pools, the cold is going though bone and marrow.

Hating it!

But at least it's not snowing...! :)


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