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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Time!

As an adult, Christmas is really about family (i think). Seeing and spending time with family, gifts of course as well - but the present thing just isn't as exciting when you're older. However, there's just nothing like watching a child opening gifts - the excitement!

Abby and Eva came by on Saturday and of course we let her open ALL of her presents from us! After all - watching her excited little face is the best part:)

Abby - 2 years 9 months old

Ohhhh play dough!
Playing with her play dough hair kit

Does this look ok?

Yay more pressies!
And a big crayon!

Ahhh the Dora the Explorer robe - this is how you wear it right?
Or maybe like this?

Decorating ginger bread cookies

And of COURSE sock puppets (Eva LOVES that Murray taught Abby this - not!)

The princess gets ready to head out to her fancy dress party :)


At 6:18 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Great photos. So nice to see how cute she looks in the Dora the Explorer bathrobe. Perfect fit! : )


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