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Friday, September 07, 2007

Second Beastie Boys gig

- this time in a venue the size of your living room! Yes - we rock! And so does ...........
& Mike D (on left with the wild curly hair)

Also it was their drummer's birthday so they got him a cake!
(the big scary guy on the leftin the hat with a beard)

Nobody can do it like Mix Master can COME ON!

Mix Master Mike came to the front of the stage to do an AWESOME version of what cha' want

I get so funny with the money that i flaunt..
3 MC's ( I LOVE this graphic - I want it on a t-shirt!!!)
Adrock was quite chatty - he's my FAVOURITE B-Boy

I must say I think that was one of the best concerts I have been to - EVER! Apparently it was a 'instrumental gig' - because their new album is all instrumental. Interesting! But they also worked in a lot of older instrumental songs with the new ones, some old punky rap, and some classics like Sabotage & Pass the Mike. AND they played for over two hours!! Much longer than last night.

The venue was AWESOME - I hadn't ever been there before - the Round House in Camden. It's quite small - just feels like a barn inside! Has a LOVELY cafe near the entrance (the brie & veggie quesadilla tasted like heaven). We were only 7 people back from the stage and had plenty of room to stand without being squished. We did have crazy dancer guy in front of us (I don't know WHAT he was on but wow that dancing was insane - lots of flailing arms). And we managed to miss out on the few beer showers thank goodness (when people get excited and just throw their whole beer in the air and it comes down like a rain shower on the crowd). Adrock was chatty & in a great mood, MCA was a bit moody & quiet, Mike D was in top form rapping a bunch of REALLY old songs (Egg Raid on Mojo, Heart Attack Man, etc). It was fabulous. Our friend Cameron came along and we had a great time jamming to the bboys. What a fantastic last gig in London for both of us.

A few minutes into the first song I was thinking ....'wow we're so close I can actually SEE their faces - this is so cool' then Murray turned to me and said 'wow we can see their faces.' Ahhhh we really ARE made for each other :)



At 9:18 AM, Blogger Shari said...

You were up in my neck of the woods (I live near Hampstead). Did they sing their newer song "Check, check, check it out"? Just wondering.

At 7:31 AM, Blogger karen said...

great pics!


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