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Thursday, September 13, 2007

More sad 'see ya laters'

I thought these photos deserved their own post!

Last weekend we went to Windsor and spent the afternoon with Eva & Abby. It may have been our last afternoon with them before we go.... (although we're still hopeful that we'll see them one more time at the end of the month....).

Looking at these photos is making me really teary. Eva has become a great friend, and I will miss her LOADS. She is a wonderful Mother, a really lovely person and a good friend. Abby means more to me than I can express - I love her like she was my own. Abby and Eva have become family to us - we don't have many family members over in the UK - and you know after all these years I feel like they will be part of our lives now forever.

Abby was already having trouble remembering our names (we haven't seen her in awhile now that they live further away) - she called us 'him and her' a few times, but then her eyes sparkled when we reminded her - no it's 'Moooreeey and Neek.' She is SO sweet, and funny, and well mannered and gorgeous. Ok - trying not to cry here - gosh I'm gonna miss them......

But i DO KNOW - for sure - that this isn't goodbye - it's see you later. I know we'll see them again - and hopefully it won't be too long from now:)

New & Old - Windsor Castle is right in the village

Me, Abby & Eva walking along the waterfront

There were TONS of swans around

Ohhhhhh look swans!
Cheeky smile
Can you tell she HATES smoked salmon? Ha ha - gosh that is a happy face:) She picked out all of the salmon to eat & kept the bread for the ducks & swans!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet :) Murray & Abby
Showing us her 'sad face'
and her 'angry face' - ha ha I think this is adoreable!
My goodness she is gorgeous

Abby and I feeding the swans
Abby & Me :)
Ready, Steady, GO! (she was yelling this over & over) - you can tell by my face that wow she is heavy now! Windsor Castle courtyard
Part of the fortress walls - they were shaped this way so soldiers could shoot arrows out at intruders, but also arrows could not get back in.
Such a lovely castle - shame they didn't let us take photos inside - SO many interesting & gorgeous things! It's a great tour:)
Murray as a guard
Me in an entranceway

Check out the top of this lamp - it's a crown!

Still within the castle walls - gorgeous gardens (this is where the moat used to be).

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At 2:21 PM, Anonymous mom said...

Passages are hard. "The only thing constant is change." Love you.

At 5:46 PM, Blogger Suze - Manchester UK said...

Gets sadder and sadder every day that you are going - I'm just glad that a) I got to know you guys and b) I'll see you in Sydney one day. Yay!!

Gorgeous pix of Abby - such a sweet girl!


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