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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Adventure Film Fest

Last night we went to the Adventure Film Festival. Every year they do a week of adventure movies at the local theatre. Last night's theme was 'sports adventure.' There was a series of films with all sorts of amazing adventures.
Ocean Men – a movie about 2 of the world’s top freedivers’ world record attempts. (wow they are some amazing guys - they can hold their breath for up to 8 minutes - one guy used weights and got down hundreds of feet deep - really amazing!)
Quest – insane big wave surf action. (eh - that was ok - we saw a similar show on the discover channel - I do admire the guys who have the guts to get out and face those massive waves though).
Snow Kayaker – kayaks at 60mph??? On snow!!! (OH MY GOSH - that was the most insane thing I have ever seen - can you imagine barreling down a MASSIVE mountain in a kayak with just a paddle to try and 'slow down' - ummm ya that's not going to happen - made me feel sick to the stomach just to watch! the very last shot was of a guy coming off the edge of the edge of a high cliff - and ended up going straight down into a snow drift - you couldn't even see the end of the his kayak he was so deep !!!)
2nd B.A.S.E – Buildings, Antennae, Spans, Earth, they jump off the lot. (I just don't understand Base jumping - scares the heck out of me - those people are CRAZY!)
91 words for snow – latest and greatest snowboard action. (Cool movie - based around a professional snowboarder & showing lots of amazing snowboarding action).
Coast to Coast – trans-African microlighting journey. (THIS one was my favourite. It was the story of two friends who flew microlights around Africa. It was about their journey - the amazing views and taking the locals for their first every flight .... so so touching!)


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