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Monday, August 20, 2007

WOW what a GREAT weekend :)

The weekend went by SO quickly - I can't believe it's actually Monday already! It was SO SO fun though - so many great memories:)

Friday night I went to see Prince at the new O2 stadium in the docklands (it's in the building which used to be the 'millennium dome.')

We went for dinner before hand at Chilis (and American restaurant) at Canary Wharf. The food was just ok - but it was still fun to go there. The Andrea, Teresa, Jackie & I headed over to the stadium. We had PERFECT timing - got there just as the main show was about to start. I was quite pleased with our seats as well - we had a great view! The show was fabulous - as expected - he sure is a showman! I got one cute video on my mobile - will try to get that uploaded to youtube later this week! One highlight was when he brought a bunch of girls to the stage to dance and one started singing - the we realised it was actually Julia Styles singing! So that was cool:) Overall - a great concert - really enjoyed it!

Saturday I got up EARLY (6 am!!!) (and hey - that IS early when you go to bed at 1am after rushing home from a concert)! I got up early in order to work on my crafty project - corsages! Saturday was the day of the baby shower a group of us decided to throw for some American friends who live in London. Ok yes - I admit it - we all met through the internet. But we also have become good friends in real life, and I was thrilled to be able to be part of throwing this party for two of them to celebrate their pregnancies! SO anyway, corsages. I took floriculture classes back in high school, so thought I could probably still remember how to do them! I went to the florist near us the week before and got ribbon, so I could make the bows ahead of time. Then the morning of the party I assembled the greens, flowers, and fillers flowers along with my fancy bows to make corsages! They (in my opinion) turned out SO nice - I CANNOT believe I forgot to take a photo of them *sigh* oh well. So keep an eye out in the photos below. The ones for the two pregnant ladies whom the shower was for were large creamy pink roses, with cream bows that had baby charms in them. I also made corsages for Andrea's Mom and Mother-in-law which were pink roses with pink roses. Then there were two more corsages for two other friends who attended who recently told us about their pregnancies (Teresa & Abby) - their corsages were a lovely white flower with a purple accent flower. SO pics of JUST the corsages - but you can see them in some of the photos below!

The party was a BLAST! It was fun to be able to celebrate with everyone :)

(click on the photo to see a larger version)

The lovely Libby hosted the shower at her flat:)
The cake (yummy red velvet cake that we ordered from a nice London bakery!), the punch (bowl and yummy punch courtesy of Teresa) and the gorgeous pram cookies (hand made by Jeanne)!

the sign for Andrea

the cake - up close!
sign for Jackie

The cookies - how CUTE are they? They tasted lovely too!

The pregnant ladies - Jackie & Andrea (please note the corsages as well:)

The group! (from left)
Back row: Jessica, Andrea, Caitlin, Liane, Lauren, Joanna, Christina
Middle Row: Jackie, Me, Lane, Abby, Teresa
Front Row: Jeanne, Libby

Andrea's Mom flew over from the states to surprise her - we were ALL in tears when they saw each other:)

SO nice that she could make it:)
The pregnant ladies getting ready to chop up the yummy cake!

Present time!
The baskets full of presents for Jackie & Andrea
Lots of pressies!
Christina, Teresa, Jessica
Abby, Lane, Lauren
Me & Heather
One of the things we decided to do was decorate plain onesies for each of the girls - each one had a theme and we provided puffy paint
The above pic is of one of the 'international themed' onesie (or as they call them here - babygro)
Libby working on her onesie decoration

One of the 'best wishes' onesies

Teresa, Jackie, Heather & Jessica

Liane, Lauren, Caitlin & Joanna
(from left) Andrea's Mom, Mother-in-law, Sister-in-law & Andrea
The layout for lunch!

More yummy food! (thanks again to everyone who brought stuff)!
Our cute themed plates & napkins!

Libby, Jeanne and me! (busy busy in the kitchen)!
Me, Andrea & Heather
Jeanne's gorgeous crafty project - she made cookies with cute little labels for everyone!

One of the labels

Everyone got one as they left- as a Thank You for coming to the party!
I will post about what we did yesterday in tomorrow's post since this one is already SO long!
And a BIG thank you to Jeanne for the photos (my battery died so nearly all of these are from her)!

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At 4:34 PM, Blogger andrea said...

It was a truly fabulous day, and I can never thank all of you enough!

And your corsages were fantastic!!!

At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there!! So glad everything turned out perfectly for everyone!

At 2:55 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Great job on the corsages, Mo! They look professional. Sure was nice of you girls' to throw such a nice party for the mothers-to-be. Love, Mom


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