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Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday, Noisy Monday

We had a VERY relaxing weekend which was nice:) Murray was still feeling a bit weak, so we decided to just take it easy. We spent most of Saturday at Wandsworth park just relaxing in the sun with our lovely picnic. It felt GREAT to get some sun - gosh I have missed that bit yellow ball! I got a bit over excited though, and only put sunblock on my face and shoulders - oops! Burnt my back, my legs and my forearms. Oh well - won't do that again! I just forgot !!

Sunday afternoon we went over to our ex-flat mate's house (Debs). She made us a LOVELY lunch and we chatted for hours.

This little rascal kept hopping up on the table trying to steal food - he was fearless!

Murray also tried out Debs' fancy food massager machine - left your feet all tingly after the 15 minute cycle - SO SO nice!

And now - it's Monday - again!

We have moved offices, I'm looking forward to finding out where the bathrooms are though - ekkk! No more tea for me this morning until I do!

It's dusty and noisy down here :( But oh well - only 35 working days to go! I work on a construction site - but for the last 3 years us 'office people' have been in temporary buildings next to the site. For all those years I only had to put on my safety gear when I went onto the building site itself. But now I'm IN the building - in a temporary office in the basement! So this morning I had to go to the ladies locker room and change into my hard hat, steel toed boots, yellow vest, gloves and glasses. Fun fun fun. It's not as bad as I thought it would be though. I found the room ok this morning (it's a bit of a maze to get down here!) and they had the network up by 8:30, so not too bad:) I don't think I'll bother doing my hair tomorrow though - the hard hat kinda ruined it! I'm just glad I can take my hard hat & stuff off when I get to my desk - just need to remember to bring desk slipper tomorrow!

Oh and BIG happy birthday wishes today to my Grandma Sally who turns 87 today!!! :)



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