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Monday, August 06, 2007

Monday Monday

It was a nice weekend - went much too quickly as usual though.

Caught up with some friends on Saturday at a lovely park in Wimbledon for their 'leaving picnic.' What a gorgeous day - shame Murray was stuck at home:( His throat is still quite sore, and he's not supposed to go out in crowds due to risk of infection:(

It's a bummer with the timing - because yesterday was the nicest day of the year so far! It got up to 30 Celsius (78 Fahrenheit)! Just gorgeous!

Yesterday I caught up with some friends in the morning, then another friend in the afternoon. Sue (who I used to work with) and I went in the afternoon do the Kensington Palace tour. It's something I have been meaning to do for AGES so it was nice to finally go! I must say though - I was a bit disappointed. They advertise the tour as 'all about Diana' and a display of her dresses - so I was expecting to see rooms full of her gowns. They had 6! The rest of the Diana display was videos and photos - nice - but nothing I haven't seen on tv 100 times. The rest of the tour was interesting, but not what I was expecting. They had clothing on display from the 18 and early 1900's and a good little commentary 'phone' that you carried around to hear about all the displays. But really - £10 for that? What a rip off. Oh well - I'm still glad I went - and the views of the park from the windows in the palace - WOW!

Afterwards we had some fancy & very lovely tea & cake and then did a bit oh shopping - well, looking:)

Last night (after the new episode of Smallville) we watched Imagining Argentina starring Antonio Banderas and Emma Thompson. Quite a good movie - interesting story!

Looking forward to a busy week!


At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Sounds very fun! Glad that you got out to enjoy the nice weather.
Have a fabulous week; I got a nice email from Murray yesterday. He is such an excellent writer-very witty.
Love, Mom


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