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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A lovely Autumn morning

Ahhhhh darn you blogger! I just wrote a long post and it deleted it!!! So now I have to start over again:(

Ok – SO

It’s cold here – feels like autumn (makes me happy at least to see the forecast for Moscow – HOT!!! Whooo hoooo). I really can't believe this is AUGUST! :(

Now, back to the weekend review!

Firstly, a cute story from the baby shower on Saturday. We knew that one of the pregnant ladies (Jackie) would be going home on public transport. So we packed up all of her gifts and a box full of cake and cookies for her and put it into the granny cart I had brought along! I hauled my stuff to Libby’s house in it cause I had more than I could carry! However since I’m leaving soon I won’t need it anymore, so thought it could at least help Jackie get her stash of pressies home. We packed it up and tied the basket the gifts were in to the top (wouldn’t fit inside) and then tied her ‘congrats it’s a boy’ balloon to the handle! I got this cart last year - I remember it was Halloween cause I bought a bunch of pumpkins then realised it was more than I could carry!!! So I FINALLY broke down and got myself a granny cart (a little cart with wheels so you can pull around your shopping). Anyhow, Jackie was thrilled that I was giving her the cart – apparently she has wanted one for awhile!!! And I guess even her husband came around to it once he saw how well it handles corners – ha ha:)

A picture of the granny cart with the basket attached on top!

SO, back to the weekend.

Saturday I got home from the shower at about 7pm and then rushed to get ready to go into central London with Murray. We were going out to have leaving drinks with our friends Jenny and Stuart. They are moving back to California (where Jenny is from) soon! Their other photography friend Dan was there as well with his lovely girlfriend. We had a nice night chatting and dancing and ended up getting the night bus home at 1am!

Jenny, Murray & Dan

Sunday we had a nice sleep in (YAY) and then went into central London again to meet up with our friends Jeanne and Brad for lunch! We went to a new Mexican restaurant in Covent Garden called Wahaca. Nice food, good prices, and unique atmosphere (and a very friendly waiter!) I quite liked it!

After lunch we all wandered down to check out the Cabinet War Rooms & Churchill Museum. WOW it was excellent!!! It was interested to actually see the rooms where Churchill and his advisors lived and worked in during WW2. But also, the Churchill museum was fantastic!!! It was really unique – touch screen displays, sensors that started films when you stepped on them, LOADS of memorabilia, etc. My only criticism would be that it would have been less confusing if they had laid out a path for you to follow since there is so much to see! We were in the museum for about an hour and a half and only saw about half of it – bummer! But was definitely worth the trip (fun to be a tourist in your own city sometimes)!!


At 2:49 AM, Anonymous mom said...

Sounds like your celebrating,dancing and showers for friends have been lots of fun! Never heard of a "grannie cart" or "pressies." Sounds like British slang. : ) Have a wonderful trip to Moscow! It will be quite an adventure. Take lots of photos. Love, Mom

At 7:21 PM, Anonymous Jeanne said...

Sunday was a lot of fun! Good thing we did not get locked into the Cabinet War Rooms. 60 year old sugar cubes would not have made a nice dinner! : ) Have fun in Russia!

At 11:40 AM, Blogger Suze - Manchester UK said...

Autumn? WHOA NELLY!! It's still summer. Sort of. It's actually warm up north this week - almost roasting!


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