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Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday, Glorious FRIDAY!

Ok so I am in a GREAT GREAT GREAT mood.................


Murray found my sunnies!!!!!!!! He was up in Richard's room yesterday chatting, and noticed my sunnies, ON THE FLOOR! Apparently I left them on the kitchen table, and Richard thought they were his (huh?) and took them up to his room! Well whatever - I'm SO SO SO happy to have them back:) Whooo hooo

Last night we were asked for input on the project our flatmate is working on. She works on documentaries for the BBC as an assistant producer, but decided she also wanted to do a project on her own. It's about mental illness. Apparently 90% of people who are diagnosed with mental illness are taken care of by the local government mental health services, but what happens to the other 10%? That's the question of this doco. It's based around a Putney regular she calls 'The Walking Man.' He walks around through Putney & the south west every single day - I have seen him quite a few times. He speaks to no one and won't make eye contact and just walks and walks. He seems quite lonely, the whole situation is quite sad really. She interviews people who see him every day, other mentally ill people in the community (such as the woman who pretends she is blind because she is lonely - even though she compliments people on what they are wearing!!) and she interviews mental health professionals asking why these people aren't receiving the help they need. It was just a 10 minute 'taster' that she has prepared to try and get funding to do a full hour show, or even a series. But we both thought it was really well done, interesting, and definitely something I would watch on tv. Lots of characters I recognised from the area too - almost all of them are harmless - but they definitely do need more help than they are receiving.

The lady who got in my face in Hammersmith last week was even in the show! Last week I saw her turning in circles outside the station yelling 'help me, help me, someone just help me.' I saw lots of people stop and try to help - but she won't take any money or food and just keeps yelling the same thing. She's obviously NOT hurt, just has some mental issues. I walked by her and sort of smiled like - can I do something to help. She came up to me and yelled - in my face - 'don't smile at me, HELP me.' I quickly moved on into Starbucks as she was making me nervous. I know NOW she's harmless, but you can never really be sure you know? Anyhow, we gave our input and they edited some stuff a bit differently, then we watched it again. I think it's a very well done documentary, fingers crossed she gets the funding she needs to get it on television!

Looking forward to another warm weekend. The forecast is 24c (78f) tomorrow and SUNNY! I'm SO glad to hear that, because after last weekends gorgeous weather the weather people were saying that was it - that we'd just have rain for the rest of the summer now. Guess they were wrong! Imagine that? Ha ha

YAY for Friday - YAY for the weekend

Only bad thing today? I am presently packing up my desk. We're moving to a new office on Monday which does NOT sound nice:( I don't wanna move.................... oh well - it's only for 7 more weeks!

Oh and - Murray is doing better. His throat is still REALLY sore, and he can't really leave the house, but he seems to be improving day by day. I hope he feels good on Monday when he has to go back to the office! Last night we were sharing some praline ice cream (I was eating the pralines and he has the ice cream). He gave me the spoon heaped with praelines, then after I ate it he said 'Oh, that was the praline I spit out yesterday cause I couldn't eat it.' NICE! Ha ha - oh well, it was still nice:)


At 10:07 AM, Anonymous Jenny said...

heheheehe, our forecast is for a 28c day tomorrow, in the middle of winter ;)

At 10:09 AM, Blogger Monique said...

WOW Jen - I hear it's the same sort of great weather in Sydney too - in WINTER! Gosh that sounds fab:)

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Suze - Manchester UK said...

If I didn't know Richard, I'd have been concerned that he had your glasses ;) very funny that he thought they were his.
Did your flatmate speak to the mentally ill people in the area... you're sure this walking man isn't a guy with a health regime? :)
Bring on the weekend!! It's warm in t'north too!

At 11:08 AM, Blogger Monique said...

Ha ha Suze!
No they have not spoken to him, as he does not like to talk to anyone. He definitely does have some sort of mental illness though - I guess they confirmed that through the borough? He's harmless though - and VERY healthy from all that walking - sad thought to think he just walks & walks all day and no one talks to him. One guy they filmed said he said hello to the walking man one morning and they guy just started yelling 'asshole' at him... hmmmm.

At 11:55 PM, Blogger Evadiva said...

Regarding the sunnies.. We all know Richard has been wearing them.. ha ha!!!
Hope you get to have a great week-end, missing last weeks must have really stung.. I however got a fabulous tan!!! ha ha again!!!
Glad Murray is feeling better and it's defiantely love if you can eat a praline that has been spat out by your husband and you've not thrown up!!!!!! XX


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