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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Burrrrrrrr I am COLD today! Back to long sleeve shirts and close toed shoes! Oh well
I hear it's nice in Moscow! I hope that weather holds out!

Last night I suddenly remembered that our plane tickets for Friday are paper tickets and ummmm where are they? So we did a frantic search of the flat (praying they didn't get thrown away in the move) and whew we found them!

My trip to the dentist went well. The hygienist wasn't as mean as last time - she even said 'I can see improvement.' Must be my new electric toothbrush:) At one point she did poke a very sensitive spot a number of times and eventually I had to put my hand up and say 'ouch that really hurts.' Then she was a bit more careful! When I went to leave she said 'ok see you in 6 months' and WOW was I happy to say 'oh no I'm leaving the country, so won't be back here ever.' She then replied 'well for your condition you should go every 6 months, so find a hygienist in your new country.' My condition? Huh? Whatever.

Thank GOODNESS I had no cavities. I had my fingers crossed the entire time while the dentist poked around. He's from Sydney and moving back next year - so he said 'maybe I'll see you around.' Ha! That would be weird! One more thing checked off the to do list though - so that felt good! Now - we just need to pack for Russia!


At 1:42 PM, Blogger The Rhode Family said...

We hope you have fun in Russia!!! Tommy is a little jealous, he has always wanted to visit Moscow!

At 10:30 PM, Blogger Evadiva said...

me too!!! have fun lovely one.. need to book you guys before you leave for good.. boo hoo!!!! Going to see Prince at the end of the month... yeahhhhh!!!!! your blog report was great.. XXXX


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