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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tonsils - Gone

Well I won't get into too much detail. But suffice to say - the tonsils are gone - and the surgeon said it was definitely NOT done in vain - they were very bad!

Yesterday I got home early and we travelled to the hospital together. Got checked in, shown his room, met the doctor, filled out some forms, etc, etc - all good. Then the next part happened so fast I didn't know what to do. Ok - firstly - I have never really been in a hospital before - well not to see someone who's had surgery at least - so I didn't really know what to expect. They rolled in his bed to take him down to the anesthesiologist - and then before I could kiss him or just say a word of 'good luck' he was gone - in an elevator - to the basement!!! I just stood in his room shocked and burst into tears. Tried to sit down and read something, but couldn't really see.

So I called my Mom and got some much needed reassurance. Then I called my friend Beth and chatted. It helped so much to keep my mind off of what was going on. I just hated not KNOWING! I asked if I could go down to recovery, no, so I asked can you TELL me when he's in recovery at least, no. OK - so I will just sit here then. I guess they all just consider it to be so routine & easy - but um - this is the person who means everything to me OK! I wanna know!

I was SO relieved when they wheeled him back in. At first he had his eyes closed and that started to make me nervous! Then the nurse patted his hand and he looked at me & grabbed my hand & all was ok. So he's super sore and drugged up, but he's home now - I'm glad about that.

The best part - he told me that while he was in the recovery room he called one of the nurses over to tell her something. He told her that he was able to feel and hear everything during the surgery - but that he couldn't move to tell someone! She freaked out and grabbed the other nurse to hear what he was saying!!! He then told them how he heard the surgeons discussing golf - ha ha - just kidding. Thank goodness they laughed:) That's when I knew he'd be ok. I just don't know anyone else who would joke like that after surgery!!! Ha ha - especially when it's so hard to talk after having stuff cut out of your throat!

So I'm hoping to leave work soon and do a bit of work from home so I can bring him food & drink as needed. Fingers crossed the boss is ok with that!


At 12:15 AM, Anonymous jenny said...

Send Muz our love. I'm sorry but there so something so very wrong about that long hair...

At 10:18 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

The joking at the bedside is so like your father. They always say that women marry men that remind them of their father's. In Murray's case, the humor in times of distress may well be a similarity of character traits. : ) Glad it's all over and he is on the road to recovery. Love, Mom


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