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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday - Blah Day

I'm feeling a bit down today. This weather is getting to me. It's not awful or anything - about 20c (70f) every day - and not as much rain now. But this is supposed to be summer!!! I want it to be in the 80's (25ish) - warm & lovely so we can sit in the park and relax and let the sun cheer us up! I miss summer:(

So I'm not really sure what's going on with the postal strike. The paper this morning said it will actually only be two 24 hour strikes spread out so that there is disruption for two weeks. However, they will keep all the offices open and will still try and deliver mail, etc. Hmmmm. So we may still get mail, it may just be slow.

Had a bit of a bad 24 hours - I suppose that's why I'm crabby today. I forgot my tube pass in my desk, so had to pay cash for my journeys home last night & in this morning. WOW it's expensive to pay that way - especially when I have already pre-paid travel for a month. SO I wrote out my claim form today to get that money back, still annoying though. And this morning to try and cheer myself up I popped into Starbucks for a Chai Latte. As I was coming down the stairs to the platform I saw that my train was about to depart. SO I booked it down the platform and jumped on to the first set of open doors JUST as they were closing. So the doors banged into me and caused me to spill a bit of my tea on myself and the floor - nice. Thank goodness I was wearing a black jacket.

Well - the good news. Looking forward to a yummy home made Indian meal tonight at a friend's house and tomorrow is Friday. Can't be too down I guess! Oh and when I left starbucks this morning I got a free paper fan - pretty! I don't know what they were handing them out for - but the girls were dressed in flamenco dresses - and I like my litttle fan. Not that it's actually warm enough to need it! Ahhhh I just opened it & it says 'i'm a fan' on it - cute - I like it.


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