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Friday, July 20, 2007

!!! TGIF !!!

It's a miserable day today - rainy & dark & gloomy outside. But it's Friday so I AM in a good mood:)

I have not heard back from the Australian embassy yet - but I'm still crossing my fingers & my toes & maybe my hair that I will hear back from them today!

Royal Mail is giving me a headache this morning *sigh* I sent a package recently and apparently they 'can't find it' in their system. And yes this time I DID pay the ridiculous fees for tracking, and insurance, and signed delivery. If they lost it I am going to be furious! Fingers crossed that it just got scanned wrong somewhere along the way!!!!!

Tonight we are surprising our niece Lorraine (this still feels weird for me to say - I feel like I should say 'Murray's niece' although she IS my niece now too). She still doesn't know her auntie Helen is in town (yes Lorraine - this confirms that you do NOT read my blog - but that's ok)! So we're meeting her at Eagle Bar Diner for some yummy food before going to see the Sound of Music on stage. I'm really looking forward to the whole evening - I love that restaurant (they serve some 'American' food and their cheesy fries are to die for!) and I have been wanting to see this show on stage for ages - can't wait!

The rest of the weekend - we'll just hang out with Lorraine a bit more, maybe go see the Transformers movie which starts today? I think - and spend some more quality time with Helen before she has to leave on Monday. It's strange - I'm so used to her being here now that it'll feel weird when she leaves! We have had SUCH a wonderful time though - looking forward to another great weekend:)

Oh and that photo is of 'Dil and Muz' at the bike ride last Sunday:) Cute pic!


At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Aunt Joni said...

You guys have a wonderful weekend with the rellie-ladies!!! What a fun combination! (Sound of Music - I'm jealous)
Also, both boys have seen Transformers several times because it's SO SWEET! Hope you like it too! I'll be at Walmart tonight at 12:01 am to pick up my copy of the last Harry Potter book!
Have a grand weekend!
Love you!


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