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Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunny and Smoke Free !!!

We had a lovely weekend!

Saturday we went to Chiswick to have lunch with Murray's cousin Pat. She has a gorgeous flat and SUCH a nice garden (I am SO jealous)! We had a fantastic lunch, and chatted for hours & hours!

That evening when we got home we had to pack pack pack - we have SO much to do before we ship our stuff to Australia (in 2 weeks)! Later that night we caught Madonna's movie Swept Away on TV. I remember hearing that it was bad.... but WOW it really is. Rubbish story line, terrible acting..... some of it was ok - but overall NOT a good movie (and I hated the ending).

Sunday Murray played golf, and I went to meet up with a couple American friends for coffee and chatting. It was really nice to catch up.

Sunday night we met friends at our favourite place (ok I admit it - we ate their Friday night too......) Il MasCalzone. They have SUCH a great staff there (all Italians) and the food is simple and yummy. Friday night we were asked if we wanted a smoking or non smoking table. But LAST night we all laughed as we saw the crowd of diners gathered on the sidewalk to get their nicotine fix. WHOO HOOO! So exciting that we won't have to deal with smoking in ANY enclosed space in London from now on (the ban came into effect yesterday).


At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

I second your enthusiasm for smoke-free bars. Last night we went with Joni and Kevin to hear Dave Purdy play in his band. When we got home, we smelled absolutely terrible. In about 100 days we will be smoke free too. I understand the other point-of-view from the owners that say it may hurt their business, but honestly, I am glad that it will not be an option. Love, Mom


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