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Friday, July 13, 2007

The secret is out...... HELEN is here in London!

SO I have kept this surprise for.............. 4 months i think? ( must be a new record for me)!

HELEN (my sister-in-law) IS HERE - IN LONDON !!

She called me months ago, saying she was thinking of coming and wanted to surprise Murray!
I agreed straight away and we set the plans in motion.

She arrived yesterday morning and I met her at the airport to give her my keys to our flat.
I said goodbye as she went off to a different train - and then got a phone call from Murray ??

He said I had somehow dialed his number (HOW? I'm not sure - it was in my bag!) and he overheard me talking to Helen, telling her how to get to the shopping centre from our flat! Darn technology let us down:( I am really disappointed that that happened.... I feel so bad for ruining the surprise:( But I didn't do it on purpose - stupid phone!


I have kept this surprise for MONTHS and now with only 6 hours til the surprise THIS happens?


I told him I was in a meeting and had to go, he said 'can you hear me' and I replied 'No I can't hear you' hmmmm that was a bit of a blonde moment - then I 'lost signal' i.e. hung up.

He's great at getting secrets out of me, so I knew I had to get off the phone.

He heard her voice and me giving her directions in OUR area, so he pretty much knew what was happening - I couldn't think of a good lie to cover it up!

So I avoided his phone calls and emails all day, and just sent him a quick message saying I was in an all day meeting and would call him later on.

She travelled to his work in the afternoon and he was still surprised!!!! I guess he convinced himself that he had misheard the conversation cause he's so overtired! YAY! She's here for about 10 days - 1 full week & 2 weekends AND her b-day is tomorrow - so should be fun!

I haven't seen her for over a year and a half - so will be a nice catch up! We have lots of fun things planned - so looking forward to a fun weekend and upcoming week!


At 9:43 AM, Blogger Suze - Manchester UK said...

Can't believe your phone called Murray while you were talking to Helen!! Am glad he was still surprised that she showed up at his work though!
Also, I can stop knitting booties now... (I'm crap at guessing surprises).

At 11:23 AM, Anonymous Jen said...

I was completely wrong also...I thought Isabel was going to have a playmate. I had visions of Murray hiking with a baby in a sling on your holiday...


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