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Monday, July 09, 2007

Live Earth - my review

First, before the concert we went to GBK (Gourmet Burger Kitchen) to eat a nice big meal in preparation for 9 hours of sitting (this is what Murray calls the 'Muz Burger). Chicken, camembert, avocado (underneath the chicken) & topping - YUMM!

Our view - 65,000 people there I believe! (check out the 3 guys in suits our on the end of the stage - it's the BEASTIE BOYS!!!!)

Genesis - opps we got there late and missed them:( I heard they were not that great though.
Razorlight - Ummm why was the lead singer wearing a woman's shirt? But the music was ok.
Snow Patrol - excellent band - too bad they were only allowed to play a few songs - they rock!
Damien Rice & David Gray - they played out at the end of the stage together - WOW shame they didn't play a few more songs - they were great!
Kasabian - OH nah nah nah nah nah - I am still singing that song - LOVE them - they ROCK!!Paolo Nutini - I'm starting to wonder if he is a hunchback - the man cannot stand up straight! But his singing is excellent
Black Eyed Peas - ummmm OK - they weren't bad - but I wasn't thrilled
John Legend - bathroom break time for me - I wasn't really bothered
Duran Duran - they were good - but um WHERE WAS JUSTIN???!!!??? I was REALLY disappointed that Justin Timberlake did not make his rumoured appearance with them:( Shame on you Justin for teasing us like that and then not showing :(
Red Hot Chili Peppers - They Rock! Don't know why Anthony cut his hair though:( I would have liked to have heard a few more tunes!
Bloc Party - OH MY GOSH they are so amazing!!! LOVE Bloc Party !!!!!!! The people around us were staring at us, I guess not many people know this band, but Murray and I were standing up and clapping and cheering and singing along!
The lead singer of Bloc Party - Kele Okereke AMAZING drummer - Matt Tong

Corinne Bailey Rae - Boring
Keane - Wow he has a great voice - and how come I never noticed before that they are a guitar-less band? Interesting! And they do have a GREAT sound!
Shakira (video link from Hamburg) - she has lost so much weight that she didn't have much to shake like she usually does - but I do like that song Hips Don't Lie!
Metalica - Surprisingly good! Even though the lead singer has a long grey beard (why?) he still sounds the same as he did in the 90's - I was impressed!
Spinal Tap - HUH? I have never seen the movie - but oh my they were boring & silly.
James Blunt - he's ok - but I'm getting sick of his songs - WAY too overplayed
Keith Urban & Alicia Keys (via video link from USA) - weird combo - not a great song either
Beastie Boys - ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! I love the B-Boys - they did a great job - even though the mikes kept cutting out!!! They sang my favourite song - What Cha' Want and a few other classics like 'Sabotage' and others - loved it!
Mix Master Mike doing his magic

Pussycat Dolls - HUH? WHAT? Why were they even there? Really? And in with the headliners at the end of the show??? They did a lot of drop squats and wore tiny clothes - that is their 'talent' - I'm not impressed

Foo Fighters - WOW WOW WOW - best band of the night by far! They had an amazing set and the lead singer is so dynamic - LOVED THEM!!!
Madonna - Wow is she muscly! I enjoyed her version of La Isla Bonita - but 3 songs wasn't enough - would have liked at least 2 more.
It was fun to see the refurbished Wembley Stadium as well!
OVERALL - great concert! I'm so glad we had seats - even though we were there for 9 hours, it was comfortable and because each band only played a few songs it kept it interesting. I also liked the ads they showed between bands - about how each person can make a difference. This isn't about politics or whatever, it's about knowing that you can still do your part for the environment - whether you believe in global warming or not. I for one will continue to try and cut down on plastic bags and try and remember to bring my own reusable bag to the grocery store !!

Me enjoying the concert

Wembley from above (not our photo obviously)

Yesterday - we went to Richmond to see some Polo.

Murray stamping down some divots

Check out all those hoof marks!

(click on a photo to view it in a larger format)

We really enjoyed going see Polo (my first time)! The announcer was hilarious (Oh goodness what are they doing - looks like they are herding cats) ha ha. He really made the afternoon interesting - but also the players were SO skilled and the horses so athletic - interesting sport!

Then we decided to hike (well - walk) to test our our new boots (does this photo look posed?)

We walked from Kew Bridge to Putney - just over 6 miles!

Me with our guide book

Hammersmith Bridge

I even carried the VERY heavy camera backpack for a bit - not too bad thanks to the waist strap!

A rower on the river Thames with Putney in the background - just lovely!

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At 11:43 AM, Blogger Christina said...

WOW you had such a great weekend! I love your reviews of each band also.

BTW the boots look fine! :)

At 10:36 AM, Blogger Suze - Manchester UK said...

Fantastic pictures of Live Earth - still so jealous that I had to off-load my tickets! And yes, the boots are fine - proper rambler you are now!
Suze x


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