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Monday, July 23, 2007

Great Weekend!

Gosh we did so much this weekend I'm having trouble remembering everything!

Friday night we surprised our niece Lorraine (she didn't know her auntie Helen was in town). OH MY GOSH it was great! We got to the restaurant early and Helen hid in the corner of the booth. Murray and I said Hello to her, and then Helen popped her head out and said Hello. Lorraine screamed, threw her hand bag on the floor, ran away, then ran back and screamed again. Ha ha - fabulous surprise!

We had a great dinner at the Eagle Bar Diner. WOW their cheesy fries are to die for - YUMM! The burgers are good - but to be honest - not better than GBK. Then we went to see The Sound of Music in the west end. It was GREAT! I loved the girl who played Maria - she was fab. The stage was sensational and the kids were oh so cute! The only things I missed.... the puppet show with the goats - wish they would have kept that in, and it was annoying that Liesel talked with such a baby voice. However, still a fabulous show - loved it! I have NEVER EVER seen a stage like that - wow! Stunning!

Saturday Helen met up early with Lorraine for some shopping, and even arranged for her brother Justin to come in to London to surprise Helen as well! Murray and I met the three of them later that afternoon for a lovely lunch at our favourite Italian place in Soho Pulcinella's. Very nice lunch with massive pizzas! It was nice to see Justin as well!!! After lunch we all walked down to the National Portrait Gallery to see the 4 Corners exhibition which brought together Londoners from the 4 corners of the city. Each group expressed their cultural heritage through different means of art - it was very good! We also popped over to see BP Portrait Award 2007 - wow their were some stunning painted portraits on display!!! We loved the painting that won - it was huge and really striking! I also liked the one that won the Young Artist Award - looked SO much like a photo rather than a painting - amazing!

That evening we decided to take it easy, as we were all exhausted. So Lorraine, Helen and I went back to the flat to relax with popcorn and a good 80's flick - Mystic Pizza. When Murray got back (he had gone out on his own in the POURING rain for a bit of shopping) we decided to make a lasagna and watch Smoking Aces. Hmmm if you haven't seen it - don't bother. It was just full of TOO much information - and SO SO violent.

Sunday.... we got a great surprise - Eva and Abby came by! In the morning we popped over to Carluccio's for some pastries and coffee, and walked home via the park. Then Eva & Abby popped by to say Hello and meet Helen. Abby LOVED her gifts from Helen, and I was so so touched that they came up - it really meant ALOT to us. A joy to see Abby as usual - she's so sweet, and I was pleased that Helen got to finally meet the lovely Eva.

After they had to head home we decided to walk to the movies. We stopped on the way in at the White Horse pub in Parsons Green and got a jug of Pimms and took it to the park for some chatting. It was actually an ok day - not your normal hot July day - but warm enough to sit comfortably in the sun. We went to the movies to see Transformers - you know, it was actually pretty good! I'm sure if Steven Spielberg hadn't been involved it would have been oozing with cheese. But because the special effects were so amazing, and the movie didn't take itself to seriously (they played up some of the cheesy moments) overall I thought it was pretty good (and VERY loud)!! After a lovely Nandos dinner (gotta love that Portuguese chicken!) we went home to pack. Lovely Helen offered to take some stuff back with her for us, so Murray spent a few hours bubble wrapping & getting things ready for her bags. SO nice of her to help us with that!

Sad to see her go today though! We had SUCH a lovely time - so much so that the time just flew by! Lots of great memories though:)

I will try and get some pictures from the weekend posted tomorrow............

The view down our street yesterday morning


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Aunt Joni said...

What?! No photos of you and all your fantastic weekend guests? I'd love to see one of Lorraine when she spotted Helen!!

At 1:37 PM, Blogger Monique said...

OH we have a bunch Joni - just forget to upload them last night - busy busy with loading Helen's suitcase with our stuff ha ha:) We have some great ones though - will upload them tonight. I WISH we had got Lorraine's reaction on video - oh gosh it was fun!


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