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Monday, July 16, 2007


I'm in a great mood - what a fantastic weekend!

Saturday it was fun to get up and wish the birthday girl Helen Happy Birthday in person!

Murray had some packing tasks to do, so Helen and I ran a few errands and then headed into Kensington. We did a bit of shopping (I FINALLY found a pair of cute low heeled sandals YAY!) and then we stopped by Whole Foods for a shop and lunch. That store is so great - love it! We both got fabulous salads and went up to the seating area to enjoy them - a really lovely afternoon. Then we headed back to the flat to get ready and travel with Murray to Gaucho's restaurant in Richmond. We all had gorgeous steaks (because it is an Argentinian steak restaurant) with lovely fresh veggies and yummy sauces - all with a lovely view of the Thames river! Dessert was heavenly as well - I had flan with berries, Murray had churros with chocolate dipping sauce, and Helen had a yummy chocolate mouse cake. A great end to a fun birthday day!
Sunday Helen and I hit the gym so early that there were only 3 people in the entire place! We did some cardio and weights and then finished with some core exercises. Felt good at the time, and OH OH OH and I sore today! Big shock to my body since I haven't done much in the past few weeks due to packing duties!

We then spent the rest of the day organising and cleaning and packing in preparation for the movers coming today! Murray also rode in a 26 mile charity bike ride for Leukemia research on Sunday with some friends. He came home happy but exhausted - sounds like it was an excellent bike ride around the London!

We were up late last night finishing our packing.... last minute panic! I think we're ready now though! The guys come today and pack everything up and then we get billed tomorrow. It should be on a ship for Sydney soon and hopefully will all arrive there (in one piece!) before we arrive in October!

Oh and also my FBI check FINALLY came back!!!! I have been waiting EIGHTEEN WEEKS for my USA background check which I need for my Australian residency visa. They require a background check from every country you have lived in in the past ten years. So I applied for my UK and USA checks back in March when I turned in my visa application. The UK one came back in about 4 weeks - 18 weeks for the USA one *sigh*. It FINALLY arrived on Friday!!! I am SO excited & happy! So now I send it on to the Australian embassy in London and they say they will make their decision within 2 weeks - hooray!

Also - here is the link to Beth & Mike's new blog - The Rhode Family - with pictures of gorgeous little Tommy who was born on Friday the 13th - a good luck sign for sure!

Tonight - I am surprising Helen with night out to celebrate her b-day..... I can NOT wait! SO looking forward to it!


At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Thanks for the link with Beth and Mike's baby, Tom. He is just a darling little guy! I can't wait to send them a gift. What fun.
Love you, Mom


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