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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Friday? No, Thursday

I'm SO tired today? Why? I don't know? I got to bed at a decent time, but I feel exhausted today.

Last night we went and say Die Hard 4 - and I must admit - it was MUCH better than I expected it to be! Bruce is getting a bit old to be an action hero, but they played on that in the movie which made it more believable. Not bad for an action movie!

Oh and I keep forgetting to talk about the Vilhelm Moberg books. On Friday I finished the final book in the four part series about Swedish emigrants who moved to Minnesota. WOW what a great series. I found it fascinating to read about what it was like to be settler in Minnesota in the 1850's and what their lives was like. Also through the four books I got to really like the characters and ended up sobbing on the bus while reading the ending.

Can't wait for the Live Earth concert on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW if our tickets would just arrive! I was glad to see an email this morning from ticket master letting me know they sent them out today- nothing like leaving it to the last minute!!!


At 4:54 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

You got me interested in Wilhelm Moberg's books, too. I am reading the first book in the series and it is steeped in Swedish/American history. I am also reading Snowflower and the Secret Fan. Very good novel- about China, footbinding, sisterhood,and friendship among women.

Tired? Have you had your blood count checked lately? Hope all is well. Love, Mom


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