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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Darn bus, train, etc etc

My last 24 hours of public transport commuting have NOT been fun.

Last night the bus was taking FOREVER to get home - because of the rain everyone was driving extremely slow. Eventually our driver got a call from the station saying to drop us all off at the next stop and go back. So I had to walk 15 minutes home in the rain - thank goodness I had an umbrella! It was raining SO hard though - soaked my shoes!

Then this morning, I stood reading my book, waiting for the bus. There is school girl who also catches the same bus every morning - she was reading as well. I look up periodically to see if the bus is coming, as does she. I don't know - I figured at least one of us would spot it coming (as we always do). We both happened to look up just as it was flying by:( I looked at her and said 'oh shoot.' Then we both crossed the street to catch a bus to another bus instead, as that direct one only comes every half an hour. So I was late to work - bummer.


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