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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Nothing much to report.
I dragged my lazy self to the gym last night for a bit of cardio, to try and get some of the lactic acid out of my very sore muscles - helped a little bit I think. Last night we watched a bit of the MTV Movie Awards - it was kinda lame! Seemed SO scripted, although I was surprised to hear Sasha Baron Cohen's (Borat) real accent - wow he's kinda posh - I had no idea!

I'm excited that tomorrow is the grand opening of the American health food grocery store Whole Foods in Kensington! It's a GIGANTIC store, and will have a huge restaurant as well. AND I'm hoping it'll have more selection of American foods - fingers crossed! I may go check it out on Saturday!

And that's about it - work & gym again today - super exciting:)


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