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Monday, June 18, 2007


I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to post the rest of these pictures - she's just TOO CUTE! SO, the story of the weekend is in the below post - and here are some more pics!
Abby modeling the braids I put in her hair
Posing next to a dinosaur head - kinda hard to see in the photo though..... she liked the skeletons, but didn't like the giant T-Rex that was animated & growling!
LOVED this one - a little dinosaur toy
Check out my spork!
She kept handing it back to me, asking for a fork - but they only had sporks!! So we made due:)
The fish she picked out for her headdress
Coloring is fun!
Taping on some decorations! she sure loves tape!
The finished product!
The iced lolly she picked out for the bus - yummy (I had a bite too - wow it WAS so so good)!
Play, play, play - this was a great park!
Check me out - I stole Neek's sunglasses!



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