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Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday - too soon - again

Why do the weekends always feel so SHORT?
Saturday Murray left early for a golf day, so I decided to try to be productive. I got to the gym by 11 and did a Body Attack class. Only thing was the air conditioners were either not working or turned off, my face was so bright red from over heating by the end of the class!!!! Not good!

Afterwards I went to High Street Kensington to check out the new Whole Foods store (U.S. grocery store chain that sells organic food). It is SO SO nice!!! I wondered around for a bit just checking out what they had. Yes, I did feel a bit sad for going all the way there just to look at a grocery store - BUT - it was good fun. It was so big they give you a map when you enter to navigate around. Eventually I ended up at the salad bar and made myself a fantastic salad of fresh veggies, tons of lettuce, chickpeas, all sorts of yummy stuff. Then I stood in line for AGES to pay (well, it was the first opening weekend - so was super busy! After I paid (WHEW that was expensive!!!) I went upstairs to find somewhere to eat (they have seats for 350 people up there). I found a great little room at the front that was kinda fancy - big comfy leather chairs, high cute tables, and a great view of the high street. I settled back into my leather lounger and read my book and ate my salad - really lovely & relaxing. To be honest, I didn't do much more that day. Went home and laid on the couch and read for most of the afternoon. I was reading Jodi Picoult's book 'Perfect Match.' Wow excellent book, shocking, engrossing and very well written. That evening The Butterfly Effect was on tv - so I watched that (since I hadn't seen it before). It did totally freak me out though, so on one commercial break I got up and turned on all the lights in the flat. Thank goodness Murray got home just before the movie was over - so I didn't have to walk into our bedroom while turning off lights behind me & running ahead to escape the dark. Ha ha:)

Sunday we got SO lucky!!! Eva and Abby popped by for a quick visit! It was SO nice to see them (and to finally give Eva her b-day present)! Wow Abby has grown SO much in just the past few months. Her hair is long and SO pretty! And she seems to be talking even more! I'm really looking forward to this upcoming weekend - she's coming to stay with us for the weekend! Will be great to spend more time with her:)

That afternoon we decided to go to a movie, but rather than get a bus or the train - we walked! Actually it's not that far to Fulham from Putney - about a 20ish minute walk. And it was nice to walk through Parsons Green - gosh I love that area. And fun to see all the cute dogs hanging out in the parks along the way. We saw Oceans 13..... hmmmm it was ok. Decent but not great story line, interesting...... casting (Ellen Barkin - really was not the person for that role.....), and it really was like I read - the 'Brad and George' show. But it was nice to sit in a cool theatre and relax with some popcorn:)

I hope this week goes quickly - counting down the days til we see Abby again!


At 10:29 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

I think you are becoming the "movie queen". I will have to ask your advice on what videos to rent. I know that feeling when a movie creeps you out and you turn on the lights. Once when we were first married and dad was out of town, I watched a horror movie and ended up leaving the lights on in my bedroom all night long. I just psyvhed myself out terribly! The mind sure plays games.

Also, you describe your gym time very vividly. Sounds like it is challenging, but that you really enjoy it, too.

Johnny's graduation party is this weekend. Joni and Kevin are busy working on the yard, cleaning the garage,renting tables and chairs, buying food and know the game plan.

Take care. Watch comedies and love stories! XXOO Mom


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