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Monday, June 25, 2007

BrightOn is Right On

Overall - a nice weekend.

Saturday I saw something upsetting though! While Murray was getting a hair cut I went down to the magazine store to pick up a gossip mag. When I came out there was a huge crowd on the sidewalk. A large sign above a pastry shop had fallen onto some people. I went to cross the road and get out of there, there was no need to stand around and gawk (like SO many people did! I just don't understand that)! I was glad to overhear that there were two doctors who had been nearby and were attending to the injured. It looked like a few other people were holding up the sign which they had pulled off of the people who were knocked down. It really shook me up, since the sign was MASSIVE and I felt so bad for those poor people. Plus, I had just walked under there a few moments before!! They shut down the whole street for most of the afternoon - which I have never seen done before. I was really glad to read this morning that no one was killed, what an awful freak accident though!!

Sunday afternoon we caught a train down to Brighton with Lorraine to meet up with Heather & Jason to see Jason Mraz in concert. He played at a tiny venue called Concorde 2. It was like a small ballroom - raised stage and only big enough for a few hundred people. We got there early enough that we ended up about 3 people back from the stage. The opening act Two Spot Gobi was excellent - they had a lot of enthusiasm and their songs were catchy! Mr. Mraz was fantastic - as usual - he's SO great live!!!! After the concert we ran up to the main road to try and catch a taxi back to the train station because we knew if we missed the next one we'd have a 45 minute wait ahead of us. We luckily made it there JUST in time. The train ride felt SO long though! We didn't end up getting back to the flat until just past 1:30am. Thus I am exhausted today!!! It was worth it though! Jason is right - Bright On (Brighton) is Right On ! Shame about the rain though - yuck!

Oh and thank goodness it's only 1 more week until London goes Smoke Free! Last night I had a girl standing behind me who was blowing her smoke right at the back of my head, so it would float around into my face - awful awful awful. And of course I smelt like an ash tray when I got home - can't wait until they are forced to do that outside - 6 days and counting!!!


At 5:21 AM, Anonymous mom said...

The sign story is upsetting. You must have an angel in your corner named, "Clayton." Love, Mom

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Nicole and Simon said...

And we go smoke free tomorrow! I'm pretty excited myself. Found you through Andrea's blog - I really enjoy reading! Best - Nicole


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