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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

So these are my new boots - I'm kinda excited about wearing them in! Although I still think they are kinda chunky.... and not the prettiest (just a LITTLE pink would be nice).... however I do know that comfort IS the most important thing - right? I guess as a girl who regularly buys shoes for their prettiness rather than comfort, it's just hard for me to come to terms with big chunky hiking shoes:)

Last night I was good and went straight home and cleaned and then sat down to do some Spanish study. It was hard to motivate myself to do it on my own.... but I got through 2 chapters - so not too bad. Made up some cute little flip cards and wrote down vocab in my notebook. Fun fun.

I studied until 9 and then gave up and watch Gordon Ramsey's show The F Word (food is what he CLAIMS the 'F' stands for - ha ha). I really like that show - all of the different little bits put together into 1 hour make it really interesting. I can't stop thinking about the section where Janet Street Porter went to France to see what happens at a Fois Gras farm though. It was so disturbing to see how they force feed the ducks & geese. *shudder*


At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Jenny said...

I had boots like that for travelling, I had Eccos, and they were brilliant. I didn't have to wear them in, I never had wet or sore feet and I wore them every single day for about 3 months straight and then regularly over the 2 years we were in London, they were worth it! Just get good socks to go with them...but I understand what you mean...I also bought a pair of girly boots in Lyon whilst travelling...cant expect a girl to only own one pair of shoes!


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