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Thursday, May 17, 2007

ONLY Thursday????????

I really feel like it must be Friday - surely? Gosh this week has been LONG! Doesn't help that I work for a Dutch company and they all have today and tomorrow off for some reason, which makes this office VERY quiet!!!! Oh well.

Last night I watched The Queen on dvd (I borrowed it from a friend at work - thanks Pete)! Hmmmmm I do sort of think that it would have been better as a 'made for TV movie' rather than a big production Hollywood film. However, it was interesting! Some of the characters came across MUCH differently to how I imagine them to be. I thought Charles would be a bit more snooty (and that guy who played him barely looked like him which made it confusing at times)! Also I was quite surprised with Prince Phillip (the Queen's husband) he came across as quite a meany! I guess I can understand both sides of the story..... the Queen was just following 400 years of tradition and doing what she thought her 'people' expected of her.... not understanding that the public really loved Diana and wanted the Queen to mourn with them publicly. However Tony (Mr. Blair) could see what was happening and tried to get her to see sense... cause he's just a normal guy - right? Hmmm it was interesting too that they had real clips mixed in with the actors. And GOSH did that Tony actor look a LOT like him - kinda scary!

Also, I finished the book the Alchemist yesterday and thought it was excellent (although quite short)! Today I started reading a chick lit book and I must say it does feel good to just read a silly story on the way into work - helps me relax. Especially this morning, since I only left a few minutes late - but that meant I missed my bus and had to take another. Which made me catch a later tube, and miss the bus to work - resulting in my being almost half an hour late :(

BRING ON FRIDAY!!!! (AND SUN!!! what the heck - they said it was supposed to get up to 20c (70F) today but it's cold and rainy)!!!


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