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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Monday? no Tuesday!!! YAY!

Ahhhhh I LOVE long weekends:)

We didn't get up to much - just relaaaaaaaaaaaaxed which was LOVELY!

The weather was so so - kinda chilly and rained a LOT yesterday, so it was a good weekend for catching up on stuff and taking it easy. I read a lot (finished the Other Boleyn Sister this morning - WOW was that good!!! and ok yes so glad to read it was based on the true story!). I crocheted a bit, watched a few dvds (Come in Spinner had a good ending! I also watched the Doris Day and Rock Hudson movie 'Pillow Talk' which was totally cute. And the thriller 'Hard Candy' wow that was hard to watch! Shocking!), we also went to the movies and saw Spiderman 3...... hmmmm it was ok - funnier then I expected, but still totally cheesy. There were some amazing special effects though! Also I did actually drag myself out on Sunday and went to a class at the gym which felt great!

After 3 days of sleeping in though it was difficult to get up this morning! Before we left today we set up a towel and bowl for our leaking ceiling, just in case it rains while we are at work. Our ceiling started leaking - AGAIN - yesterday after a two hour downpour. Our land lord had a builder come in last time this happened and he decided it was due to a few broken roof tiles, and he replaced them. Guess that wasn't the problem though since yesterday, while I was hanging up laundry to dry in our room, I could hear drip drip drip - finally realized it was the celing leaking onto the corner of our bed and on the bedstand!!!! Not good! So fingers crossed the builder comes asap and finds the ACTUAL source of the leak (I have the feeling there's a leak somewhere in the attic.... hmmmm).

Hooray for a short week- now I'm just praying for our sun to come back!


At 9:29 AM, Blogger andrea said...

Oh no! I hope the leak is fixed soon, that rain yesterday was so bad for a while wasn't it?

At 11:02 PM, Blogger JoernandAllison said...

That stinks- a leaky roof in London! That would be like a leaky roof in Germany. I too hope it gets fixed soon. And, glad to hear you had a lovely, relaxing long weekend!

At 3:31 AM, Anonymous Jessi said...

sorry I haven't emailed you in a while. I have one more final (thank the heavens above) on Thurs. morning & then I am done.

Love ya,

At 9:05 AM, Blogger Monique said...

No worries Jessi - I know you're busy busy busy! Good luck with your final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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