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Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Again!

We had a nice relaxing weekend.

American Idol was good, I got lots of great catch up sleep, went to a tough but fun class at the gym, and did a LOT of crocheting!

Yesterday we did a long but GREAT walk from Richmond to Wimbledon Common. WOW Richmond park is just MASSIVE!!! I was amazed as well at one point where Murray had me turn around and look across the park - you could see Central London!!! I could clearly see the London Eye and the Gherkin - cool! It's just strange because I felt like we were in the middle of the country - but that was a great reminder of - nope we are still in London - just a few miles out from the centre! We stopped at the ice cream van and I asked for a 'Mint Cornetto and a water please.' The ice cream man replied 'You said that perfectly darling.' Ha ha ha - I guess he thought I was a tourist:)

We ended our many mile walk at 'The Windmill' which was a tiny little pub/restaurant near the top of Putney Hill, and then caught the bus back. It ended up being a perfect day - sunny - but not hot. And it was fun to walk through the park and see all the different kinds of dogs enjoying themselves in the open space, and we saw a nesting swan!!! There was a orange fencing all around her, and a sign that said this was the first time swans had nested in that park in 50 years!!! So to please keep your distance. Wow that's amazing!


At 10:25 AM, Blogger andrea said...

That is so weird...Lee and I rode our bikes yesterday from Wimbledon Common to Richmond Park - and stopped and marvelled at exactly the same view!


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