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Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Again .... Already?

I had a nice weekend.... although this rain is getting a bit old now!

Friday night we went to see Roger Waters from Pink Floyd perform at Earl's Court. It was good! I only knew two songs in the three hour long concert.... but wow it was more of a show then a concert. Lots of smoke, balloons they flew over the crowd (a giant pig with anti war slogans and an astronaut that looked quite realistic!), and a massive screen behind him that really added to the show! One of the best songs was a new one.... along with the song he had a comic strip playing on the giant screen describing the story behind the song - very moving!
(this is one of the slides)

Saturday morning..... I met an American who lives in Putney for coffee - that was fun:) Nice to chat to a fellow yank and gosh I do love having a skinny blueberry muffic & chai latte for breakie!

That evening our Kiwi friend Debs held a BBQ, even though it rained all day! Luckily the rain had finished by the time we got there.... but it was COLD! Many people ended up wrapping up in blankets to keep warm while chatting in the garden:) The sausages and Pimms were yummy though - a fun night! Oh and I made pumpkin pie! I found a can of pumpkin in the cupboard the other day (can't remember why or when I bought that)???? So Saturday morning I went on a hunt for a pie tin. Ah one of the very hard to find things here!!!! It was fun trying to explain to workers in the grocery store 'do you have a pie tin that has crust already in it that you just fill and then bake?' They looked at me like I was crazy! I did eventually find ONE in Sainsbury's... but it was broken on one side! Oh well, better than nothing! It was an already cooked shortcrust pasty tin - really meant to just be filled - not baked again. But thankfully the pumpkin pie mix was so soupy that it kept the crust moist enough that it tasted ok:) The Kiwi's were impressed and many commented on how it was their first piece of pumpkin pie ever - fun! We coated it with whip cream from a can before serving it as well which just added to the flavour - yummmmm! And yes I did consider making the crust myself... but I have done that before and yuck it was not nice - so broken crust already in tin was the better choice!

Yesterday niece Lorraine came over for a dvd day:) We had a nice time chatting to her and catching up on what she has been up to. We watched 'Brokeback Mountain' ummm wow quite an interesting movie! And then we watched American Idol!!!! Barry Gibb is looking a bit funny isn't he? What's up with his upper lip? I thought he was a great mentor though and wow he really is a legend!

And now back to Monday............ (my Monday rant....)

It's raining and miserable today - again - and the builder STILL hasn't come so our roof is still leaking. And on the tube this morning I got stuck sitting next to two girls (who looked like they came from Eastern Europe ... the fashion is just so out there)! They cracked open some bacardi breezers (yes alcohol - at 8am - on a Monday)! And then they got out a mobile phone and blasted dance music while singing along. I just couldn't be bothered to get up and move to another carriage, and I didn't dare say anything... they looked like they wouldn't appreciate a 'can you please turn that off.' *SIGH*

OH well. Looking forward to hitting the gym this week.... and getting a lot of sleep. Exciting ha? Now WHERE IS OUR SUMMER WEATHER? I'm ready for some sun:)


At 5:55 AM, Blogger Vol Abroad said...

Hey - you can get uncooked short crust pastry in the chiller cabinets (near the butter and margarine usually) which you just roll out, trim off and cook as you would normally. It's pretty easy. You can always use a full wine bottle (washed off or wrapped in plastic) if you don't have a rolling pin.

It's not as good as from scratch pie crust - but I haven't made that in years....

At 8:56 AM, Blogger Monique said...

Yes thanks :) I have done that before.... but after searching for the super easy version (premade - which I have found here before...) and going to many grocery stores I was just tired of searching. Oh well, next time! I must say that prebaked one from Sainsbury's turned out really well though - it was yummy! We made crust from scratch a few years ago - I will NEVER do that again - was NOT good:)


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