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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Busy busy

Last night I was going to work late, but then the power in my part of the building went down at 5:30pm, so I left. What a pain. However that did mean that I made it to the gym in time for 7pm body pump! WOW was it packed - the most people I have EVER seen in that studio! The instructor was great too - I loved his music selection!!! (always fun to work out to a little Gwen, Kylie & Bon Jovi - had me tapping my toe while doing bicep curls that's for sure!)

I was walking behind two girls while leaving the gym, I could over hear them talking and could tell they were from North America.... (it's often hard to tell the difference between Canadians & Americans.....). One of the girls opened the door for me so I said 'Thank You.' She turned around to me and said 'Are you from here?'
At first I thought - oh she's asking if I'm American! I said 'No' (and then she had a funny look on her face - so I thought oh maybe she was asking about THIS part of London? like she was looking for something in the area or something???) so I continued to say 'Oh, do you mean Fulham?' She said 'No, the UK.'
Me 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh ok - no I'm from Minnesota:) I heard you guys talking and thought you might be American but was afriad to ask and hear back 'NO I'M CANADIAN.' Where are you guys from?'

One of them was from Philadelphia, the other from New York. We rode the escalator down together & they were asking me why so many men at the gym wear speedos (in the pool of course) & tight tight shorts (we all agreed this was ewwwwwwwwwww). They were really nice (the girls - not the tight shorts:) I hope I run into them again! (didn't have time to ask their names or anything as they were going to a restaurant and I was on my way to the tube - oh well, next time).

Then I got on the tube, and then my bus home. On the bus I was sitting reading my magazine with my leg hanging near the aisle, and my shoe fell off! Ha ha - just as a guy was about to get off - he looked down and just laughed! I did too and just said 'Sorry' and quickly grabbed it! My shoes are SO comfy - but a bit stretched out I guess since they just fall off - ha ha! Oh well - I love them:)

This morning when I got on the bus there was a guy at the front who handed me a survey & a little pen - that was odd! It was just asking where I came from, what transport I use & where I was going to & why. Hmmmm interesting.... they better not cancel this route darn it! It's so convenient for me!

Oh and yesterday when I got off the tube (district line) I heard the district line's own 'Losing my Religion' guy on one of the carriages. Oh dear. This guy has been playing on the district line (and maybe others - I don't know - but I've only ever heard him on ours) for YEARS! Always the same song (and yes it does quite suit his voice - but still....), he plays guitar and sings and has a little hat where you can leave him money. It's quite sad - we can see that over the years he's looking worse & worse (toooo many drugs) shame.


At 5:32 AM, Anonymous Mom said...

Nice to read your stories of a typical day for you from the gym to your shoes falling off. : ) Mom


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