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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bloggy blog

Oh yes - I forgot to blog this morning....

Nothing exciting going on. I went to the gym last night, it was tiring but fun (YAY body pump)! Last night our downstairs neighbour was having some kind of party which echoed bass into our room, once asked to quiet down they finally stopped. Who has a party on a Monday night anyhow?

This morning on the tube a ticket inspector asked to see every one's tickets, he was accompanied by two policemen (well, one policeman and one police woman). I have seen this happening a LOT lately though.... in the last month my ticket has probably been checked 4 times? I wonder why they are checking so much more recently? Granted they always seem to find someone to fine! I saw him getting off the carriage with a lady who had the wrong ticket - £20 fine for her! Hmmmmmm

It's SUNNY IN LONDON! Again - finally - lovely day today. Shame it isn't meant to last. They say tomorrow it will be 25c (80f) WHOO HOOO! But then it is supposed to start raining again - great. The towel covering the bowl on Murray's bedside table was wet again yesterday - so must have rained during the day. No good!!!!


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