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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A bit of a nicer day ?

It's a bit nicer out today.... kinda. Warm enough that I wasn't cold when I walked to the bus with a wet head which was nice. The paper says it will be 20c (70f) tomorrow - - gosh I HOPE so! This chilly weather is making me into a lazy blob. Haven't been to the gym once yet this week... all I want to do is go home and snuggle up on the couch with Murray and work on my crocheting while watching TV - productive ha? Ah well

The other day I finished reading The Kite Runner, a novel about an Afghan boy who grows up in Kabul and ends up living in California. Wow what a moving, fantastic book. It was a bit depressing, but quite an amazing story!

Now I'm working on The Alchemist. I found it the other day when I was cleaning out our attic... and remembered that I read on the tube on Monday that it was voted as one of the most attractive books for a man to be seen reading on the tube? Ha ha - apparently it was voted so highly because women said if they saw a man reading that book they would probably be a romantic kind of guy? Intrigued me, so I am about half way done reading it now - WOW it's amazing! I keep marking pages with great quotes - quite and inspirational book!

Oh and - Chris the builder did come last night. Apparently it IS the suspected tile that's causing all the damage. However, it's a big job to sort it out. All he has to do is replace a roof tile or two, but to get access to it he's going to have scaffolding put up (it's 4 stories up - too high for a ladder!). SO goodness knows when THAT will happen! I'm glad to hear though that our landlord has been emailing him every day - hassling him to get over to the flat and sort out the leak. Good to know she's on top of it, gosh I'm glad I won't have to pay the bill though! He said it's an easy job - just have to slip the broken tiles out & put in new ones - it's just the access that's difficult - gonna be spendy! OH well - I'll just pray for NO RAIN until he can sort out getting it fixed!


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