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Monday, April 02, 2007

Tired Monday..............

WOW what a weekend. I'm not used to going out this much, I'm exhausted!!!!!!

Friday night we saw the Barenaked Ladies perform at the Hammersmith Apollo. I love that venue! Small enough that you can comfortably stand 4 people back & get a great view of the stage. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of the BNL (although I do LOVE the song 'If I had a million dollars'). But WOW they were great! They had a very funny opening act (but gosh I can't remember his name). He sang such classics as 'The baseball playing spider.' Ha ha, it was more like comedy then singing.

Barenaked Ladies

Sorry - these videos are pretty poor quality because they were taken with my mobile phone - still kinda fun to watch though!

They are a geeky band! (but in a good way!)
They all crowded around one old fashion mike for a few songs

That BIG voice!

The BNL themselves were top notch. They were VERY funny, the lead singer has QUITE a big voice, and they sounded fantastic! I was very very impressed. It was one of those concerts where, even if you don't know many of their songs, you still were jumping and cheering for the second encore!

Lying in Bed, just like Brian Wilson did

And after the concert..... yes we go there WAY too often (but YUMMMMMMM)

Saturday Abby and Eva came over so we could give Abby her b-day presents! We gave her a 'princess' (sleeping beauty) backpack - pink - of course! We had her name embroidered on the front (which i thought was pretty cool). And some 'puppy dog' slippers which were adorable and thankfully fit her! It was TOO cute to see her walking around our flat in her new slippers with her backpack on! CUTE!

Eva sent me this picture of Abby opening the 'Fiona Flowerpot' card we sent her on her actual b-day:)

The backpack - isn't she beautiful (ha ha)

So that no one can steal it!

Ohhhhh cupcakes! (and a few gingerbread cookies that THEY made - ohhh they were lovely!)

The puppy dogs (aren't their little pink tongues cute!)

Trying on her new gear

B-day presents for the b-day twins!

ohhhh a Big Girl backpack!


Saturday night, we went out to dinner at the Eagle Bar Diner. I had a Bison burger - interesting.... It was actually a bit of a disappointment when they brought it out and it was TINY - hello - aren't Bison gigantic? I expected at least a normal sized burger. But the cheesy fries were straight from heaven!!!!!

Later that evening we ended up in Soho at the O Bar. Fun fun fun! The tiny tiny downstairs is for dancing, the main floor is packed, but we ended up upstairs in a very cool bar full of gigantic comfy leather couches. I was feeling pretty stuffy, so didn't want it to be a late night..... BUT it was so much fun we ended up getting home around 4:30 am - ekkkkk! Thank goodness for night buses!

Robbie Williams & Lorraine (oh ok, it's our friend Lance - but he does LOOK like Robbie)

The 21+11 birthday people!!!! Murray & Shelly

Yesterday I met up with a friend for coffee and shopping. That was lovely:) Although all I ended up buying was books! I FINALLY remembered to buy a Spanish verb book - hopefully that will motivate me to start studying vocab on my own now!

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