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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Istanbul - Easter 2006

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Photos! I don't have my guidebook with me..... so will try to caption them as best as I can :)

Murray and I on top of the Galata Tower - overlooking Istanbul

The group - in front of the Blue Mosque (from left) Murray, Me, Steve and Anabela

A traditional Turkish tea (tiny little cups - always on a cute saucer like this - I'm not sure why)

Busy shopping area .... I can't remember what it's called (Steve??) We went up there Friday and Saturday night to check out the shops and grab dinner
The area where our hotel was had these huge buildings with glass windows and more mannequins than I have ever seen before. We decided that the two richest people in Istanbul must be the person who manufactures mannequins, and the one who makes satellite dishes (they were EVERYWHERE!)

Heading into the Grand Bazaar for some shopping (spot the kitty!)

The Grand Bazaar main hallway

There were street merchants everywhere - this guy was selling chestnuts
Just outside the Grand Bazaar - busy busy markets!

This is a walkway under the street. The people of Istanbul seem to stick shops in every available place - even under the main road!
Out to dinner with our Efes beers

At dinner on Friday night - LOTS of very very loud traditional music for dinner (played live)!

View from our hotel - Isn't the Blue Mosque just stunning! Those towers all have speakers on them, and when the prayers are conducted 5 times a day they are broadcast on the speakers - pretty cool!
Our last day we went out to one of the Prince's Islands Büyükada. There are no motorised vehicles on the island (not allowed apparently - but we DID see a big dump truck there for building work). So we had to take a horse drawn carriage up to visit the monastery on the top of the hill. (the photo is Murray and Steve in on very wobbly carriage ride)

Murray & I and the Blue Mosque

Inside the Blue Mosque (really really beautiful!)
Me in my koala headscarf - ready for Mosque viewing!

The landscaping around was beautiful - this is in the shape of the Turkish flag! (star & moon)

These guys were everywhere! Shoe shiners.

The Galata Bridge. Loads of fisherman line up along the bridge, when we were on a boat ride we had to duck down when crossing under, as MANY hooks caught on our boat. The fisherman are ready with a knife to cut the line as it happens all the time!

Down by the docks they had these VERY VERY smelly fish cooking - ready to throw on a bun for a fishy sandwich (gross, the smell kept me away!)

Ghost Ship. We went on a boat tour of the Bosphorus (the Istanbul Strait - nice body of water running through the city connecting the Marmara Sea at the south to the black sea Black Sea in the north). It was so foggy the day we went that this is all we could see of the cruise liner that was docked.

Another street merchant
View from the top of the hill on Büyükada, beautiful sunset.
The Spice Markets!!! This lovely shop owner invited us into his shop for a spot of Apple tea and as many Turkish delights (candy) as we wanted. Really fantastic customer service!
A HUGE selection of Turkish Delights. I have only really tried Turkish Delights once or twice in the UK and never liked them. However REAL Turkish Delights are completely different - YUMMY! They are a gummy like candy - sometimes with nuts as well - coated in powdered sugar.
Spices - in the Spice Market
The markets!

And there's no better way to conclude these Istanbul photos - by showing you one of the highlights - REAL FRESH BAKLAVA!!!!!!!!!!! WOW was it GOOD!



At 10:27 AM, Blogger Suze - Manchester UK said...

Awesome pictures as usual guys!! Love the one of the sunset - so amazing!!

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Jolie said...

I agree- the sunset picture is so gorgeous it looks like its fake! Its so perfect. Looks like you had a good time :)

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey y'all - fantastic photos!! The ghost ship and sunset are quality. Jason "as in: heather and . . . "


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