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Thursday, April 19, 2007



what Live Earth is... according to the website

'Live Earth is a monumental music event. It’s going to bring together more than 2 billion people to combat the climate crisis with performances from 100 headliners.'

'Live Earth’s 24 hours of music across 7 continents will deliver a call to action to combat the climate crisis – and the solutions needed to answer the call. Live Earth will mark the beginning of a multi-year mass persuasion campaign led by The Alliance for Climate Protection to move individuals, corporations and governments to solve the climate crisis.'

Last week there was an ad in the paper saying you could register for the opportunity to buy tickets, so I did. Yesterday was the day where you were supposed to get a text if you were chosen in the lottery to buy tickets.... I never did get a text! BUT a friend of mine got a code and a link that worked to buy tickets (by signing up on one of the bands' website). So YAY me and 5 friends all got tickets in the same area!!!!!!!!!!! It's 7 July at the new Wembley Stadium!

I'm not sure yet how it's gonna work - the confirmation says it starts at 7pm? I know each band will probably only play a few songs - but it's gonna be an AMAZING concert!!!!

This is who is playing at the London show (and my reviews!)

Madonna (YAY)
Genesis (oh that'll be good)
Red Hot Chili Peppers (YAY)
Corinne Bailey Rae (don't really know her....)
Bloc Party (YAY YAY)
Foo Fighters (YAY I hear they are GREAT live!)
James Blunt (ok - seen him live once before and he was pretty good!)
Duran Duran (hmmm could be ok!)
Damien Rice (ok)
Razorlight (good!)
Snow Patrol (YAY!)
Paolo Nutini (oh we see him next week too!)
David Gray (ok)
John Legend (ok)
Black Eyed Peas (oh I bet they are fun to watch)
Keane (YAY! I hear they are great live)


At 12:14 PM, Blogger Lauren said...

YAY!!! I am so excited!! I can't wait until July!

At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Marcus said...

Sounds like a solid line-up. Too bad it's for a such a subversive cause. I have a better idea, how about each of these self-righteous a-holes donate 10% of their record sales for the next year to an organization that actually helps people (like the Red Cross) instead of lecturing us on make-believe issues like global warming that only serve to advance socialism.

BTW - Corinne Bailey Rae & Damien Rice will blow your socks off.


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