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Thursday, April 26, 2007

London Pics

Did you knw that Hyde Park consists of 360 acres? and is just one of London's 1,700 parks!!!
Me in Hyde Park last Sunday.... SUCH a lovely day
Another interesting Hyde Park fact!!! (I didn't know this til TODAY!) 'Hyde Park is the most prominent and famous London park. It was once part of a wild and ancient forest, inhabited by wolves, wild bulls and boar. It was fenced off as a royal deer park in Tudor times, and later open to the public.'
Murray with a 'smoked salmon tongue' he he
This lady came and stood by us and practiced her 'art' - or ummm i don't know what to call it - material waving? It was quite a pretty site:)
There was a goofy brass band playing down by the water - they were pretty good!

YAY BRIXTON!!!!!!!!!!

Lorraine and Murray getting interviewed for Capital Radio.

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