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Monday, April 16, 2007

A little weekend blog

A quick 'what we got up to this weekend' blog entry too........

Saturday we went to the 'the races' at Lingfield. I was a bit disappointed because the horses were SO far away:( There were two tracks, and all of the races were held on the furthest one, so you couldn't really see much. Ah well. It was a nice day though! I got my chicken legs out in the sun for the first time this year - they were blindingly white! Felt good to wear sandals though. The sun was exhausting - but so so nice! Murray somehow talked his way into getting a press pass so got right up close, capturing some AMAZING photos!!!

Yesterday we went to Yoga at our gym which was nice and relaxing. Walked back home via Parsons Green where the 'White Horse' pub is. A famous South West London place to go... especially on a sunny day! I sat back and admired 2 things I have never experienced before coming to London.

1. Buying a pint and a burger - then taking your GLASSpint glasses to the park. SO SO strange to me (still) to buy a drink - then take it out to the PARK to drink - nice and relaxing!

2. The ice cream man. Because I grew up in the country, the only ice cream trucks I had ever seen was in the movies. Yesterday the 'ding ding ding' music of the ice cream man truck was blasted across the park as he pulled up. I had to laugh to myself as adults went running towards it for their 'cone and flake.' (Ice Cream cone and a 'flake' chocolate).

Lovely weekend - I really hope this weather holds up!

Oh - and a little shameless promotion....
There's a show on BBC4 tonight called 'Edwardian Supersize Me.' Our flatmate Kirsty worked on it - she says it should be pretty good:)


At 6:44 PM, Blogger Beth said...

I caught the last 20 minutes of the Edwardian show and loved it! The two presenters were amazing, and I loved the premise!


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