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Friday, April 20, 2007

I am TOO old for moshing

Last night we took Lorraine (for a late b-day present) to go see an AMAZING London band... Bloc Party.

Murray walked by as I was trying to take a photo of the outside of Brixton ......

Last night was the worst crowd experience that I've ever had (or maybe I'm just getting old and like to watch a band without a girl sticking her elbow in my back to try to get me to move so she can take my spot?) I won't go into a long rant on here about it...... but just suffice to say there was a group of about 20 teenagers near us who were VERY determined to get to the front and did all that was necessary to get there. They were childish and rude and then threw their hands up and said 'what?' when I turned around and said 'do NOT put your elbow in my back.'
Ah well....

There! Now you can see that it says 'Brixton' and 'Bloc Party' !!!

Thankfully we moved out of the crazy mosh area after the second opening act (Biffy Clyro - who was actually pretty cool - like alternative hard rock). We went and got some water and then stood in area where we could actually breathe and still watch the band. Although then, of course, crazy dancer girl behind us who was dancing wildly with a drink in each hand spilled ALL over me:( Soaking my hair, left side of my face, and shoulder - nice ha? Then smelly dancer girl came and stood in front of us and kept bumping into us with her sweaty arms... ewwwww. I told Lorraine we'd have to wet wipe down our bare arms after all those gross people around us!

Kele - the lead singer - encouraging the audience to sing along

But you know what - it was worth it!
Bloc Party was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are fantastic musicians... they put on a GREAT show.... I think they just ROCK! And apparently so do a lot of other people - that is the most crowded I have EVER seen Brixton Academy!

And now for anyone who's interested.... some videos from my mobile phone....

Song for Clay (Disappear Here) ....
(wow this video is rubbish quality - but I really LOVE this song! sounded MUCH better in person!)

Same song.... this is towards the end where they sing 'East London is a Vampire...'

again.... terrible video - but the sound isn't bad! 'I Still Remember'

Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song... one of my FAVOURITES! 'Two More Years'



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