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Friday, April 13, 2007


Guess that random photo.................. (hint - it's from Turkey) (p.s. sorry it's so blurry! darn you camera phone!)

Whew - finally Friday.

We went through our Istanbul photos last night and Murray selected the best ones - 90 in total - ekkkk! I will get them sorted and ready to go for a Monday post!

I am SO sore today. Finally went to the gym last night. It was exhausting, but good. Actually I thought the instructor was just so so, I didn't like his choice of songs and for an aerobics instructor he was not very good at staying on the beat.

We noticed the other day that torture is impending ...... a Krispy Kreme shop is opening next week in the building where our gym, movie theatre, favourite Nandos restaurant and grocery store is. **SIGH** isn't that just torture really? Cruel and Unusual Punishment? How can they make me smell all those lovely donuts on my way to and from the gym :(

And now .... I know you're DYING to know what that weird photo at the top of my post was - would you believe it's TEA!!!! This is my selection of apple, rosehip, orange, kiwi, cherry, lemon, ment (i assume they mean mint) and black turkish tea! FUN!

I got this package of teas in Istanbul. The one in the first photo is apple tea. It's these little rabbit food looking bits that dissolve in water and are OH so yummy! The apple tea really tastes like what in the USA we'd call apple cider - lovely! I haven't tried the other kinds yet, but was intrigued so got this multi pack!

Tea is such a big thing in Istanbul - we stopped numerous times throughout each day for tea breaks. Turkish tea is nice.... but once we discovered apple tea there was no going back!

So - one Turkey story for you (since I noticed we don't have any pictures from the event anyhow)

The cab drivers in Istanbul seem to be mostly emmigrants, who can NOT read a map - which proved difficult. So, we can't speak the language, and when we show them on a map where we want to go they can't figure out what we're talking about - proved for MANY interesting cab rides!

Anyhow, so Saturday night we had a late dinner, then went out for drinks. We caught a cab back and he started speeding towards the area where our hotel was. Then all of the sudden, on the MAIN road, he pulls over, rolls down the passenger side window and starts yelling something out the window. We're looking at each other like what the heck is he doing?

So a guy comes running up to the cab and hands the driver a little plastic cup on a saucer with a sugar cube - some Turkish Tea .... oh ok, so now we see it was just a quick tea stop.

He yells something else to the guy, the guy goes running back to his 'stand' (all he had was a thermos and some cups - ha ha) the guy comes back with a cup for all 4 of us!!! (we saw it came from the same tea pot so was safe as the driver had already downed his). So we mix in our sugar and hand back the saucers and the driver pays him & we take off!

Murray hates hot drinks, so I drank 3/4 of mine and then switched with him cause he kept spilling, then the driver hit the brakes and it spilled all over my jacket sleeve! **sigh** oh well, it was hilarious. Our driver pretty much just downed his straight away, but the tea was SO hot that we were sipping ours while going full speed through traffic, which he thought was hilarious - it was the most bizarre cab ride ever! Fun though! And quite an interesting experience!


At 10:51 AM, Blogger Suze - Manchester UK said...

v v funny Mo - though I thought you'd brought back some wacky-tobaccy when I first saw that picture, or really needed some imodium!!
Apple tea is the best - I managed to bring back some of those tea glasses and the saucers from Istanbul, but I've left them in Oz.
Apple tea is not quite as good here - Phil and I went to a Turkish restaurant after I read about your weekend away!

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Monique said...

OH MY And I almost forgot to say

Tomorrow it is due to be 24c (78f)in LONDON TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandal weather - in April - YAY!

Must remember to get my toenail polish out TONIGHT!

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

Mariah has been wearing shorts and sandals in the snow. She is plenty sick of the cold weather and is choosing to ignore it. : )


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