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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Last night I worked HARD at the gym and OH am I tired today!

I was going to go to body pump, but the darn train was delayed so I got there 10 minutes late, which is too late to join in. So I ran instead, well - walked and ran - for 5km - works for me! Then Murray and I did a Yoga class. It was my first - ever. It was fine - just felt like an hour of intense stretching - but in a good way! I did enjoy it, but I'm so used to classes with music that it was a bit weird to just listen to someone talking softly for an hour saying things like 'and now put your hands in reverse prayer and bend forward so your head is relaxed.' Ha ha. I think I will do it more often though, it really was relaxing and I did feel like it was good to stretch for that long.

Afterwards we totally blew our healthy exercise out the water by heading out for Italian food.... yes again.... to our favourite Italian place in Putney 'Il Mas Calzone.' It was fab - as usual. Great service, yummy food. I admit it - during the last few minutes of yoga where you just lie there and are supposed to be relaxing I was thinking about getting a Fantasia Pizza and Spaghetti Carbonara. Yummm. We wouldn't normally ruin our good exercise by loading up on carbs, but it was Murray's B-Day after all - had to celebrate!


At 1:50 PM, Anonymous Autnie Joni said...

Hey - doing yoga on your birthday DESERVES a night out on the town loading up on carbs!!!
Glad you had a good time!!


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